Sunday Salon

And a happy Sunday to you.  It has been a quiet, productive week around here.  Sorting through boxes shoved away in the basement, taking stuff to Goodwill and working on the school library, all the time thinking how quickly the summer is passing.

We are going through books, one of the hardest chores I know of.  There is just not enough space on shelves for the number of books that accumulate in this house.  Sometimes the choice is obvious. I will never read this book again.  What do you think, Mr. G?  Out it goes, to the bookstore or the Goodwill bag.

Sometimes it is not so obvious.  I don’t think I will read this a second time, there is never enough time but, oh, I remember that bit about her stumbling along that path and finding..what?  What did she find? The thought brings back a memory of the feeling this particular book evoked the first time I read it.  Back on the shelf it goes, on the off-chance I will read it again.  The shelves are a bit more orderly now.  But then there are those boxes of books in the storage closet.  The ones we never look at but can not bear to part with.

Even though we are on a  book buying moratorium, there are still those thrift stores and our favorite used bookstores where we can trade books or find that $3.00 bargin.  And those wonderful gift cards.  And the people in our neighborhood who put boxes out on the curb, next to signs that say “free”.  Just to give you an example of this, on Wednesday we went out to lunch and then stopped by Couth Buzzard Books, figuring we would just look.  Yeah, right.  After an hour or so, after promising myself I would leave empty-handed, what did I walk out with?

Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor, Small Island by Andrea Levy and A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry.  The thing is, I know I owned a copy of A Fine Balance at some point, never got around to reading it and gave it away.

Do you have this problem?  The inability to say no when your eyes fall on the cover of a book you’ve craved.  Growing piles of books to be read, or books you’ve read that you can’t let go of?  How do you cope?  Or do you just give in?

Have a wonderful week, and find pleasure in a good book.



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21 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. I have yet to maintain a book buying ban. :/ Oh well.

  2. selena

    I just buy more shelves and get rid of OTHER things that take up space. Like large pieces of furniture. I didn’t need that huge couch anyway? And I can store my shoes in the garage instead of in my closet, right? More book space!

    Now I have like 300 unread in my room…. *sigh*

    • 300 hundred unread..that is a lot! I had an acquaintance who used to shelve her books in her kitchen cabinets! No food, just books..

  3. I think you are in good company on this. We purged books awhile back, and it was like giving away my children. Sure enough, a week after I gave something away, I wanted it back. Why the heck did I get rid of Beach Music? What about my full set of Prey series? I just need to get more bookshelves, that is the answer.

    • Yeah, that’s why I try to be really careful about the books I purge, and if I’m not really sure I just put them back on the shelf, or in a pile on the floor, or on the dining table, or, well, you know…

  4. Well, I haven’t read the Mistry, but I will say that the other two were worth breaking a ban for. Both are excellent!

  5. I can’t talk about buying books. I bought three at Half Price Books yesterday and two of them I’d bought before!

    I urge you to read A Fine Balance. I consider that book one of the best books I’ve ever read. Hope you’ll read it this time before you give it away!

    • I try to stay away from Half Price Books, sometimes those display table books are just so attractive:)

      I hope to read A Fine Balance this fall, when I get through some of my books-on-hold from the library. Then I’d like to read Midnight’s Children again.

  6. I definitely have a difficult time saying no to anything literary :) I try to limit impulse buys to the clearance section at Half Price Books though – and that makes me feel a little less guilty.

    • I try and stay away from Half Price Books. I really am going to make an effort to read through my TBR pile before I add more to it!

  7. Because I’m thinking about transferring to a school out-of-state next year, I’ve been thinking about putting myself on a book-buying and library ban and reading what I already have. Sometimes book bans work but usually they don’t. Buying books from thrift stores, library sales, and used are great ways to save money. I suggest setting a monetary limit when you go to one of those places and sticking to it. You still get new books without spending so much money. I try not to spend more than $20 but if I see a used book that’s just been published and it’s in great condition, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat!

    Have a great week.

    • Vasilly – I love the idea of setting a monetary limit. Then I can enjoy looking and choosing and not feel guilty. It’s those books I’ve read and really what to own that get to me!

  8. Ti

    I am pretty good about weeding through my books. I don’t hang onto many, actually. The books that affect me deeply, I keep…the ones that I loved and are signed, I keep but the rest are given away to good homes.

    I am choosy about buying books too. Lately, this has been a bit more complicated since I got a Kindle. I never know which ones to buy as an ebook and which ones to buy in book form. If it’s a particularly striking cover, I will almost always buy it in book form. You know, to gaze at :)

    • I still haven’t gotten an Ebook reader. I have a hard time reading blocks of text on the computer and wonder if I would actually use it!

  9. It’s SO hard to get rid of books, and hard not to buy more, too! I donate to our library book sale each year – the goal is always to bring home fewer books than I give away. A Fine Balance is excellent.

    • I have stayed away from our library book sale the last couple of years but may have to go next month, just for the atmosphere!

  10. Yes!!! I even ordered a couple of books after skimming through Twitter the other night. It was 2:00AM and I woke up..couldn’t sleep. So, I ordered books. That’s just nuts.

    I hope you have will power. I need to weed my home library more aggressively as I do at school.

    • I’ve learned to stay away from Amazon when reading book blogs! I’ve created a list that I look at when I go to the library, much safer!

  11. When I am looking for cheap books, my resolve is always tested by books like A Fine Balance and Small Island. I know they have won awards and are highly regarded, but in real life I won’t necessarily read them soon because I will be intimidated. But when I see them used, I forget all this and only think of how lucky it is that I found them so cheap! Then they sit on my shelves for ages and often eventually get listed on PaperbackSwap.

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