Sunday Salon – Summer’s Almost Gone?

Happy Sunday to you all.  I will be heading into school this week to begin helping in the classroom and organizing the library.  Summer has passed by quickly but I feel well rested and have accomplished many of the things on my to-do list.  I really can’t wait to see the children.  They can change so much over the summer and they just love to tell stories about their summer activities.

I have spent a good part of this week at “summer camp”.  There is a method of  somatic education work called Feldenkrais.  I started taking lessons in the 90’s and somehow fell away from it.  Last year, when I injured my knee, a friend suggested I see a colleague of her’s for some body work.  It turned out she is a Feldenkrais practioner.  I had one of those “aha” moments. Why hadn’t I thought of that?

Anyway, LeeAnn helped me with my injury and I started going to Awareness Through Movement classes again.  This last week we had five days of intensive work with a master teacher.  Fantastic!  If you have issues with pain and/or injury or you practice Yoga, Tai Chi or martial arts I would suggest you check it out.

As for books, I picked up a large stack from the library and am working on a Library Loot post.  I also added several books to my to-be-read list including By The Sea by Veronique Olmi thanks to chasing bawa and Mosquito by Roma Tearne thanks to Eva.  Right now I am reading Kings of the Earth by Jon Clinch and The Passage by Justin Cronin.  How about you?   What are you reading today?  What do you plan on reading this week?


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12 responses to “Sunday Salon – Summer’s Almost Gone?

  1. I’m hoping (dreaming?) to finish The Three Musketeers today. If I can just push myself away from the computer….

    • I know, I spent hours on the computer yesterday. I hope you finished The Three Musketeers. I have to admit I’ve never read it. Should I?

  2. I’m reading Peyton Place today. It was a huge bestseller and created quite a scandal in its day. I’m just about 100 pages in. It’s a bit old-fashioned, but it’s pretty good so far.

    • I remember the movie “Peyton Place” was quite risque for it’s time. I’m curious about what you think of the book. Have a great week, cbjames!

  3. Sadly I haven’t read a book all week though I’m hoping to read either Blankets by Craig Thompson or Foiled by Jane Yolen (both graphic novels). I love the excitement of the first day of school. I had my first day last week and I’m so over the excitement! :-) Have a great first week of school and be sure to let us know how it went!

    • I hope school is going well for you and that you got to read yesterday! I read Blankets some time ago and don’t really remember it. I should read it again.
      Have a great week!

  4. My summer has been over for a couple of weeks now! It scares me when I think about how fast time goes by. I’m hoping that this Sunday will not. I have alot I want to get accomplished, including sitting down and finishing my current audio (just a few more minutes left!) and getting invested in “In the Woods”.

    • Sandy – Time does go by quickly, but I’ve finally gotten to the point of not beating myself up if I don’t get everything on my to-do list accomplished. I think I am mellowing as I age, maybe like a good brandy? have a great week.

  5. I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Passage although it’s a bit of a chunkster. I’ll be looking forward to your review. Thanks for the mention. I also really enjoyed Mosquito! Enjoy!

    • Your welcome. I started The Passage and am hooked. It’s funny, it is the type of book that a judgmental part of me thinks I shouldn’t like, but Cronin is a very fine writer and I find it hard to put down!

  6. Wow! That therapy sounds incredible!! Hope it continues to work for you :) I’d love to try something like that. Even though most of my pain is in my head, I’ve no doubt that a lot of it is referred from other parts of my body..I bet it would help quite a bit.

    Hope school goes great! It’ll be nice to see the kids again I’m sure!! And please enjoy your reading :)

    • Chris – You know, Awareness Through Movement might help your head. Is it migraines? You should try and find a practitioner and ask. By the way, your garden looks lovely!

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