Sunday Salon – It’s September Already?

Good Sunday to you!  It has been a week of preparing the classrooms and the library, mixed with meetings and lunches with colleagues.  I haven’t written any reviews but did finish reading several books and hope to get a review posted by the end of the weekend.

I’m sitting here looking at a ridiculously tall pile of library books that I brought home because our library system closed for the week.  What was I thinking?  There is no way I can get through all of these before they are due.  I have started Kraken, am reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula and have to choose another book to read along with them.  I’ve narrowed it down to these titles. Which should it be?

The Boy Next Door by Irene Sabatini, Agaat by Marlene Van Niekerk, Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals by Marc Beckoff, The Sanctuary of the Outcasts by Neil White or Homer and Langley by E. L. Doctorow.

This week marked the beginning of one of my favorite challenges.  R.I.P. V is organized by Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings.  There are many levels, a wide choice of genres to choose from and Carl has added a film component!   Many book bloggers join in and it is great fun checking out the different blogs and reading the reviews.  I always end up adding titles to my to-be-read list.

Speaking of challenges, I have checked over my 2010 list.  It’s obvious to me that I just get too excited about all  the different events that people organize throughout the year.  I have dropped several challenges that I feel I could not finish and tallied up the rest.

Completed Challenges:

2010 Global Reading Challenge – 2 books from 6 continents, 12 total.

Canadian Book Challenge 3 – Challenge runs from July 1st to June 31st. 13 books total.  I’ve started Canadian Book Challenge 4.

Graphic Challenge 2010 – 12 books read and reviewed.  I am sure I will add a few more.

New Authors/New Worlds 2010 – I signed up to read 25 new authors and have read at 35, though it is more if you count graphic authors and artists.

Once Upon A Time IV – I signed up for one book and read four.

There were a couple of mini challenges on top of all this.  I feel good about what I’ve accomplished so far.

I’m planning on rest and relaxation for most of Sunday.  Will be reading more of China Mieville’s newest marvel.  How about you?



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24 responses to “Sunday Salon – It’s September Already?

  1. I haven’t read any of those except Dracula, which I found to be a lot of fun.

  2. I just uploaded Homer & Langely on audio. It sounds interesting and isn’t too long, which is a plus. Have a great rest of the weekend!

    • I’m still having a hard time with audio books! I need something in my hands. I want to be able to look back at things or check a character I’ve forgotten! Have a great week, Sandy.

  3. None of those are familiar to me. I wish I could guide you.

    I could use someone guiding me. I am reading aimlessly today. I am avoiding finishing Mockingjay, but I really don’t want to start another book until I do!

    My Sunday Salon is here:

    Hope you will drop by!

    • Thanks, Deb. I choose the nonfiction – Wild Justice. I still have to read Catching Fire before I get my hands on Mockingjay. There are just too many good books out there!

  4. I know what you mean about library books. I have never, not once, read all of the books I’ve checked out. Even when I’ve only checked out two or three.

    In fact, I encourage my students to do the same. I believe that the more books they check out the better.

    • I agree! When I bring home a stack of books I can thumb through them and see if I really want to read them and I have an assortment of fiction and nonfiction to choose from.

  5. How’s Kraken so far? I’ve seen positive reviews for it yet but still considering whether or not to read it. I haven’t read any of the books you’ve listed, so let us know what you end up reading. Have a great week!

  6. I am so excited about RIP V. Enjoy Kraken!

    • I think lots of us are excited by R.I.P., even folks that don’t usually take part in challenges. Kraken is turning out to be fun and kind of creepy:) I am going to include it in my R.I.P. V list!

  7. Everyone’s been talking about this R.I.P. V challenge. Sound’s like fun, but I’m already struggling to complete another challenge. Maybe next year.

    • I know you are busy with your new apartment and your new job. You can enjoy R.I.P. vicariously by reading all our reviews! Have a great week.

  8. Excited to see you reading Kraken!! I really want to read that one. I just want to read some Mieville. Can you believe I still haven’t read anything of his?

    • Chris – I know there are many. many great books out there but you must read Mieville. Maybe start with Perdido Street Station or The City & The City. Have a great week!

  9. Congrats on finishing so many challenges! Most bloggers I have visited lately seem to be participating in the RIP challenge. It makes me wish I had more of a taste for those creepy stories.

    • Thank you! Lots of people are signing up for R.I.P. Sorry you don’t enjoy those creepy stories but maybe something like Rebecca by du Maurier or Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte might work. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Kraken sounds like a great book to start. I like the cover too.

    Here is my Sunday Salon post!

    Do check out the books I already read for RIP V. Also you will find my tentative read list.

  11. Not having read any of the books in your pile, Wild Justice sounds the most interesting. But my mother read The Sanctuary of the Outcasts and loved it, so maybe that’s a better idea.

  12. Ti

    I use the library in spurts. The book I want is never on the shelf. I always have to order it and as you know, there is no way to know when it will come in so I am either bookless or overflowing with library books. There never seems to be an in between.

    Sometimes I am lucky with the university library if I just roam around to see what I can find.

    • I am very lucky to live in a city with a fabulous library system. I can put books on hold and regulate how they arrive online. The system also makes it easy for my to add lots and lots of books to my TBR lists, maybe not such a good thing:)

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