Blankets by Craig Thompson

Blankets by Craig Thompson

Top Shelf Productions, Marietta, 2003

Winner of the Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz Awards for Best Graphic Novel and Best Cartoonist.

Borrowed from the library.

I really though I had read this before.  After looking at it in the library I realized I hadn’t.  I am so glad I brought it home.

Blankets is an autobiographical novel that tells the story of Craig Thompson’s growing up in an fundamentalist Christian family.  Simply told and beautiful drawn in black and white, it revisits childhood memories,  sharing a bed with his younger brother, the horrors of certain punishments, being an outsider at school and at church, the experience of first love.

Blankets tells the story of a young person’s struggle with belief and guilt, the questions many ask themselves about faith, family and individuality.  Thompson’s artwork, sometimes earthy, sometimes dreamlike, adds great emotional depth to this story.  It is an unusually honest portrayal of teen fear and loneliness, as well as the passion felt with first love.  I found the ending quite beautiful.

The only graphic book I can compare it to is Stitches: A Memoir by David Small, another wonderful book.  Here are some links to some great reviews of Blankets.  Please visit them.  (If you have reviewed this book let me know and I will add your link.)


Jenny’s Books (Guest review- Jenny’s Mom)

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Rhapsody in Books

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15 responses to “Blankets by Craig Thompson

  1. Oh Gavin, I just love your thoughts on this one..perfect. Makes me want to read this all over again. And now I really have to read Stitches if there’s even a slight comparison….I’ve been wanting to read that one anyway!

  2. I had this book out from the library earlier this year, but couldn’t get into it for whatever reason! I must get it again and try again…

    • Blankets is unlike most graphic books that I have read because it is a memoir, but I really enjoyed the story and the artwork. Maybe try again?

  3. I found it depressing although definitely worth reading. Nice review!

  4. I’m glad you liked it! Blankets was one of my first forays into graphic novels outside the fantasy genre, and it remains one of my very favorites.

  5. I’ve read other review of this too. It sounds like a very honest, down-to-earth type of read.

  6. I remember reading Claire’s review of this (, and then I saw it in the library of my son’s college. After your review, I’m longing to read it, especially when you said ‘growing up in a fundamentalist Christian family.’ As I did. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to relate to, and it’s always nice to know that one isn’t alone.

  7. This was a gorgeous book. I’m glad you liked it.

  8. I borrowed this book from the library and adored it so much I had to run to Borders and purchase my own copy. Maybe I’ll re-read it for the RaT.

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