Sunday Salon – Let’s Try That Again

Happy Sunday Salon to you.  As far as reading, reviewing and visiting blogs I’m just going to pretend this week never happened.  I didn’t write any reviews, completely missed BBAW and have hardly read a thing.

The first five full days of children back in the classroom has been exciting and exhausting, even more so than last week.  I think gray skies and rainy weather added to my fatigue.

I managed to finish Kraken and am having the same issues with getting a review written as I am having with The Dervish House.  I recieved many wonderful suggestions about how to get through this and hope to have both books reviewed by the end of the week.  I am not making any promises…

I do want to tell any of you new to blogging and remind any who have been at it for a while about a fantastic tool that was created by one of my favorite bloggers, Fyrefly.  The Book Blogs Search Engine allows you to enter the title of a book and search for reviews.  I always do this so I can add links to my review post. It is  helpful to readers to offer different opinions about a book. If you review books you should make sure your blog is entered in the search engine.  To do that visit this link.

Another site I would like to share with you is something called The Miniature Earth.   It is based on “The State Of The Village Report” written by Donella Meadows, and first published in 1990.

For those curious about the quote from last Sunday, it is from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  I hope to spend much of the day with Jonathan Harker and the Count.  Have a wonderful Sunday!


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12 responses to “Sunday Salon – Let’s Try That Again

  1. I’m planning to read Dracula soon too!

  2. What a thoughtful video! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I’ve only read children’s books this week, but what wonderful children’s books they were! I’d love to have you stop in at my blog:

    (And don’t panic….the post IS in English, despite all outward appearances!)

    • I love mixing children’s books and picture books in with my other reads. I have reviewed a few picture books and want to do more.

  3. Gavin your week sounded just like mine! I am disappointed in myself for not participating in BBAW.

  4. Thanks for the link! I hope this coming week picks up for you; feeling too worn out even to read is not a fun state of affairs!

  5. I had a pretty pathetic week too. I did participate in BBAW, but only by the skin of my nose. Little reading, and alot of laying around feeling like crap. Let’s just move on shall we? Next week is a new start.

  6. I hope this week is a bit less hectic and you get some reading and blogging done!

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