Sunday Salon – It’s Raining Again

Happy Sunday to you.  It’s raining steadily and has been since last night.  It’s October in the Pacific Northwest.  This morning Mr. G and I will be having a 10/10/10 at 10 brunch with friends for no reason other than it is 10/10/10.  What silliness.  Later we plan on visiting a local event.  I’m hoping the rain will let up a bit because I’m not looking forward to spending the day soaking wet!

I’ve seem to have fallen into the pattern of getting two reviews written during the week, even though I am reading more books.  I’m just not inspired to review everything.  My goal is to spend less time on the computer and more time reading, drawing and taking walks with the dog.  I also want to try and learn to knit, my third attempt.

I will continue reading True History of the Kelly Gang this evening.  What about you?  What are you doing today?  What are you reading?  To find out more about Sunday Salon visit this link.


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10 responses to “Sunday Salon – It’s Raining Again

  1. Oooh, I like that 10/10/10 thing. A reason to celebrate! It is gorgeous here in Florida. It has cooled off a little and fall is in the air. Glory, glory I am doing fall clothes shopping with my kids for which I may need a Prozac, and I’m hoping to get some books reviewed…I’m running behind again.

    • The weather there sounds beautiful. We will have sun and crisp, clear air for part of the week. I hope the shopping went well. Did you resort to a mind altering substance?

  2. I love brunch! 10/10/10 is as good a reason as any to go out and eat! Have a great Sunday.

  3. Selena

    but i do so love the rain! i’m at work today and it makes my morning to have the sound of the rain hitting the windows provide an audio track for me while I type away.

    i’m with you on “less time on the computer” though. i read a lot of the stuff in my google reader, but i’m just not inspired to write much lately, not sure why…

    • The rain is lovely for curling up with tea and a book, and the sun is out again today! I try and keep up with my google reader but sometimes it is overwhelming! Have a great week, Lena.

  4. Have a nice brunch! I’m jealous of the rain – where I am it’s been extremely dry, and all the grass and flowers are dying. We’d love a thunderstorm but none are forthcoming.

    • It’s hard when things get really dry. I know the rain is coming but I want a few more sunny days! Have a great week, Jenny.

  5. Wish I’d thought of a 10/10/10 party!! It’s been a perfect fall day here in NY. Visited the Adirondack Mountains today – a little past peak, but still stunning!

    • Your trip to the Adirondacks sound lovely. It has been a while since I’ve seen New England in the fall. By the way, I’m adding Henry House to my library list!

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