Library Loot – 10/20/2010 to 10/26/2010

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I am a lucky duck.  Several books that I had on hold came in and now I am overwhelmed with great book.   Here is just a small selection, I probably won’t get through them by the time they are due back at the library.


February by Lisa Moore.  I heard about this one long before it hit the long list for the 2010 Man Booker.  The story, about a widow with four children, takes place in Newfoundland.






Safe From the Sea by Peter Geye.  A book that is stirring up lots of interest.  The story of a father and son trying to reconnect after years of separation.   The story takes place on and around Lake Superior.






Dog Boy by Eva Hornung.  First read about this one at DogEar Diary and was completely intrigued.








Stories: All New Tales edited by Neil Gaiman.  Need I say more?  I probably won’t be finished with this by the end of R.I.P. V but I’ve got my hands on it and I’m going to read it.






Closely Watched Trains by Bohumil Harbal.  Literature from post-war Czechoslovakia.  I want to read more litureture from Eastern Europe  and former Soviet Bloc countries.







The Mercy Seat: Collected and New Poems 1967 to 2001 by Norman Dubie.  A collection by a poet I learned about at our staff retreat.






Have I mentioned that I love my local library system?




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15 responses to “Library Loot – 10/20/2010 to 10/26/2010

  1. Dog Boy sounds like a hard read to me. And I am interested in hearing what you think of February. I have flirted with reading it but never put it on the list.


    • I started “Dog Boy” and had to put it down, not sure why and I may try again before it’s due back at the library. “February” is next on the list.

  2. I hope you enjoy February more than I did. I don’t think I even made it to page 50.

  3. I’d also like to read/see more lit from Eastern Europe.

  4. Dog Boy sounds interesting. Safe from Sea is on my TBR list. I hope my library buys it soon. Happy reading!

  5. Can’t wait to see what you think of Dog Boy. It sure was a good read.

  6. I read my first Bohumil Hrabal this year, too: after I finished, and did a bit of reading about him, I was struck by the fact that I really should have heard of him before. All these international authors yet to discover! If you haven’t read Too Loud a Solitude, it is very bookish.

  7. I liked February, but it was a sad despondent read. Curious to see what you’d think of it…

    I need to read more Gaiman – only read the one, which I enjoyed (Coraline), but want to read The Graveyard Book and American Gods.

    Best of luck with finishing them all :-)

  8. That’s a really nice and eclectic selection:) I’m dying to read Stories.

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