Sunday Salon – Towards the dark of winter..

A good Sunday to you.  Last evening, through drenching rain and gusts of wind,  Mr. G and I went to a wonderful sacred space called St. Mark’s Cathedral and listened to music and singing, watched dancers and heard the words of gifted speakers including Joanna Macy and Michael Meade.  What a great way to welcome in the dark season.

As for reading this week, I am deep into The Wayfinders and Where the Lightening Strikes, and have just started The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima.  It is the first of his work that I have read and I am enthralled.  How about you? What are you planning on reading this week?

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15 responses to “Sunday Salon – Towards the dark of winter..

  1. I bet that concert at the cathedral felt like a haven. There is something magical about those night events.

  2. I hope to read Bill Bryson’s new book, At Home, today. Beautiful day here. Cool. Blue sky.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon:

  3. selena

    I’ve been so much loving this weather we’ve been having in Seattle. Going to a cathedral and listening to the beautiful music as the rain falls sounds absolutely breathtakingly perfect.

    For my Sunday Salon, I’m working then going back to studying and writing some essays, I think. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll squeeze in some Kundera.

    • The weather has been bizarre and amazing. The sun was glorious yesterday! I’m so glad you are finding time to post to you blog again. Have a great week.

  4. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! Today I’m going to start Last Night I Sang to the Monster.

    • That title (..Sang to the Monster) sounds very intriguing. I’ll have to find it at the library. Have a great week, Natasha.

  5. Nice list of books you’re reading. I’m reading “The Three Insights” (author Tim Pond.) It’s a non-fiction, self improvement book that offers answers to what is our purpose in life is . I’m really enjoying it!

  6. So glad you’re enjoying the Murakami! that book really is a gift! I’m reading too many books to list right now :/

  7. Ooops…the MISHIMA…not the Murakami….

  8. Sounds like a wonderful evening! I’ll get to Mishima one day, but this week my book will be The Group by Mary McCarthy. It’s an interesting look at a group of Vassar graduates in the 1930’s, and their continuing friendship for several decades.

    • I read The Group years ago and will keep an eye out for your review. The The Sound of Waves is just wonderful. Have a great week, JoAnn.

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