Where the Lightning Strikes by Peter Nabokov

Where the Lightning Strikes: The Lives of American Indian Sacred Places

by Peter Nabokov

Viking, New York, 2006

268 pages.  Borrowed from the library.

This is a collection of brief histories of sixteen North American tribes and their sacred traditions relating to the land where they come from, the land where they live and the places they hold sacred.   Nabokov is a professor of Native American studies at UCLA and has spent years studying the arts and cultures of  Native communities through North America.   He writes with care and deep respect for the people and their beliefs.

I was expecting a more in-depth study of  sacred places, but then realized that the author was honoring each place and the people who hold it sacred by giving his readers their histories, stories and myths and holding those places separate, just giving us a brief glance.  Nabokov has another book,  A Forest of Time: American Indian Ways of History, that I have put on hold at my library.


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  1. This sounds like such an interesting book. It also reminds me of a class discussion I had in two of my classes this semester about sacred places. Happy Thanksgiving!

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