The TBR Dare starts January 1st

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Okay, I’ve done it.  Starting January 1st, I will read books from my personal TBR pile for at least one month.  As I type this I can feel knots forming in my tummy, what about my beautiful library and my weekly visits there?

Organized by James of Ready When You Are, C.B., you can find information on the dare here and you can sign up here.

I already own the books for several read-alongs I plan on participating in, so they are included in the dare.  Several people have already signed up to read their TBR books through April 1st.  I wonder if they will make it?



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9 responses to “The TBR Dare starts January 1st

  1. Good luck! I’m signing up too… and scared ;)

    • The closer we get to the TBR Dare the more excited I become. I’m making a list of all my TBR books and will use the Random Number generator to pick my books!

  2. Brave! I don’t think I could do this, at least not in pure form, because I can’t afford to buy all of the graphic novels I want to read, so those have to be library books. I’ve gotten pretty good about cutting down the number of “real” books I read from the library vs. my own TBR pile, though.

    • I’m getting better at reading TBR books, making sure I’m reading one from my piles along with my library books. It will be hard to do the TBR dare but I’m excited about it.

  3. You are a brave, brave soul. Good luck!

  4. I’m seriously tempted by this challenge!

    • You should try it, even for a week. The closer we get to January the more excited I become. I actually think I can pull this off, at least for a month.

  5. This challenge feels a little scary but I think I’ll sign up!

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