Sunday Salon

A good Sunday to you all.  As we near the year’s end I want to wish everyone a  Happy Holiday season.  May you share it with those you love and may your hearts be filled with joy and peace.

For the next week Mr G and I will be spending time together, baking cookings and wrapping gifts.  After the flooding in the basement fiasco I hope we finally get out to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

This past week has been busy and crazy and stressful but it is done, the children have made and wrapped their gifts and I received too many baked goodies on our last day before the break.  I think I will be taking them to our annual Solstice party Monday night.  I also received some gift cards from two of my favorite local independent booksellers and will be treating myself to some books on my to-be-read list,just in time for the TBR Dare!

I am working on my “books of the year’ list, there are some very clear favorites from the last twelve months.  As for reading this past week I finished The Hare with Amber Eyes and highly recommend it.  I had to return C to the library unfinished, I found I had a hard time getting into it and may give it another go later on.  I am almost done reading  The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ and I am  trying to get through a pile library books by the end of the year.  These include Salman Rushdie’s  newest Luka and the Fire of LifeThe Magician’s Book by Laura Miller and 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann.   What are you reading today?  What are your plans for the week?


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19 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. I have heard so many wonderful things about Rushdie and I’ve yet read anything by him.

  2. I’m also trying to get through the library books before the TBR Dare starts. I think it was a bad idea to join up, I’ve brought myself 6 books since joining up, and I rarely buy books as I get loads through bookcrossing.

    • I am only using bookstore gift cards to add to my pile as I rarely buy new books. There are some new titles I definitely want to own:)

  3. I have quite a few Rushdie novels. He is worth checking out!

    Here is my Sunday Salon post!

    • I have a few Rushdie books on my TBR list but I’m going to reread Midnight’s Children sometime soon. I also have never read any of his nonfiction and have them on my list. Have your read his essays? Which would you suggest I start with?

  4. I’m still reading Freedom… a wonderful book, but taking a long time to finish!

  5. How funny, I mentioned 1491 in my Sunday Salon post today, too! I hope you like it- I really enjoyed that book.

  6. That library pile sounds excellent! I loved The Magician’s Book, and I really want to read all the others.

    • I am enjoying The Magician’s Book, I was inspired to read it byEva’s comments about it. I also picked up a copy of Alberto Manguel’s A Reader on Readingbut am afraid I won’t get to it before the January Dare!

  7. Have fun at Deathly Hallows! It’s pretty intense and you would be wise to bring some tissue. :p

  8. I have to giggle every time I see one of us mention the TBR Dare and how we have to stock up!!! Haha! I’ve been frantically ordering books from the library and buying some on my Kindle. We are a funny bunch!

    Look forward to your favorites lists. I love them…gives me more ideas of things I need to get prior to January 1st!

  9. I love the look of your library pile! I have no idea what to read today. I have so many great-looking books surrounding me that I’m a little overwhelmed! ;-) Have a great Sunday.

  10. Ti

    You had a flood in your basement? How horrible! No time is ever good but especially at this time of year.

    Hope you got to see HP! The rain has me socked in with the kids. Day one of break and I am already stir crazy.

  11. Deathly Hallows is so good! I’ve seen it three times. I know, I’m a dork, but both the second and third times were with people who hadn’t seen it yet! :D

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