Sunday Salon – Happy Boxing Day

A good Sunday to you.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family.  We had great fun here, opened many presents and I received some great books!  It is hard to believe that next Sunday it will be  2011.

According to my Goodreads list I started 161 books in 2010 and, having abandoned 3, that puts me over my number for 2009.  It really doesn’t feel like I’ve read that many books!

As for challenges, I managed to complete the ones I chose to stay with in June.  Joining challenges definitely expands my normal comfort zone but the stress of completing my goals sometimes takes away from the joy of reading.

2010 Challenges

2010 Global Reading Challenge: Finished 12/12 – A challenge to read books from all the continents, organized by Dorte H at DJ’s Krimiblog.  I chose the medium level.

2010/42 Science Fiction Challenge: Finished 33/42 – A challenge to read, watch or listen to anything in or about the Science Fiction Realm.

Canadian Book Challenge III – Finished 13/13 – A challenge that ran from Canada Day 2009(July 1) to Canada Day 2010.  One of my favorites.  I have joined the challenge for 2010-2011.

Graphic Novel Challenge 2010 – Finished 13/10 – A challenge to read and review a number of graphic novels.  I chose the expert level – 10+.

International Year of Biodiversity Challenge – Finished 4/3 – A challenge to celebrate the diversity of life on our planet.

New Authors/New Worlds – Finished 44/25 – A challenge organized to open the reader up to new authors and new places.

Science Book Challenge 2010 – Finished 5/3 – A challenge to read at least 3 books related to the theme “Science and Nature”.

Challenges that run into 2011

Canadian Book Challenge 4 – Finished 9/13 – This challenge runs from July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2011

Japanese Literature Challenge – Finished 3/1 – A challenge that runs from June 1, 2010 to January 31, 2011

Seasonal Challenges

Once Upon A Time IV – Finished 4/1 –  A challenge to read fantasy, folklore, myths or fairy tales.  This runs during Spring and is a favorite of many bloggers.

Readers Imbibing Perilously V – Finished 3/1 – A Challenge to read horror, mystery, gothic tales, ghost stories, dark fantasy and things that go bump in the night.  This runs through Autumn and is organized by Carl V who also graciously organizes OUAT.

I will be limiting myself to three  challenges I have already signed up for plus Once Upon A Time and R.I.P., and I  am excited about the TBR DareOrange January and the BOTN War and Peace Read Along.  I also plan to take part in several read alongs and book discussions throughout 2011.

Are you planning to or have you signed up for any challenges for 2011?  Any read alongs?

Mr G and I hope to see “True Grit” later today and then splurge on some great Thai food.  What are your plans for today?  Will you be reading?  I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week.



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16 responses to “Sunday Salon – Happy Boxing Day

  1. Thanks for mentioning – and participating – in Orange January! It’s coming up so soon; I can’t wait!

    Best wishes,
    Jill =)

  2. I am uber excited about the TBR Dare. Man I need it. Soon I won’t have any place to live because books will be filled to ceiling.

  3. Ooh, True Grit! I want to see that. And I don’t say that about too many movies! Have fun!

  4. Thanks for pushing the TBR Dare. It’s fun to see so many people interested in my little project. I hope I can last, myself. I’ll probably do some stocking up before next weekend.

    If you like True Grit, maybe you’ll consider joining my Wester Read-a-long Challenge in May. Just read one Western……

    Happy Reading.

    • I am very excited about the Dare, and trying to finish up the last of my library books. I am seriously considering the Hop-along Read-along:) Maybe I’ll read True Grit, the novel is getting lots of press because of the movie.

  5. I’ve signed up for a ton of challenges and a few read-alongs. There’s the Waiting for Columbus read-along in January, the Edith Wharton read-along in April?, plus I’m hoping to host a Toni Morrison read-along sometime next year. Have a great Sunday!

  6. Good job completing the challenges. 2011 sounds like it will be a good one. I find expanding horizons good, but prefer to read what I want instead of what I feel like I have to :) So not many for me.

  7. I don’t do a lot of readalongs, but I did participate in the Middlemarch one this year, and it finally got me to read it! I’m also signing up for a few new challenges next year — I like the way they prod me to read more widely. But I never pressure myself to finish any of them ;) The Canadian Book Challenge is also one of my favourites.

  8. I love this time of year what with best of lists and challenge sign ups – so fun! You’ve done some impressive ones. Happy 2011 and enjoy the readalongs!

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