Sunday Salon – A Quiet Week

A good Sunday to you.  I hope you’ve had a pleasant week filled with wonderful books.   Heading back to school after winter break I found myself not fully recovered from my cold, not to mention the fact that Mr G ended up catching it.  I did not have any energy for much beside work and sleep.  We are both finally starting to feel better.

I started the TBR dare by reading a mystery by Eliot Pattison, an author new to me.  I enjoyed it and plan on reading more in the Inspector Shan series.  It seems like the darkest part of winter is a good time for a certain type of mystery. Louise Penny comes to mind, along with Elly Griffiths and Giles Blunt.

I am now reading Small Island by Andrea Levy and, after finding it a rather slow start, I’m loving it. I’ve also started War and Peace and am finding it quite addictive, though I doubt I will get much reading done today.  A friend and I are going to see the Picasso exhibit at SAM, something we’ve been looking forward to for a while.

The Dream - Pablo Picasso - 1932

Do you have anything special planned for today?  For this week?



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16 responses to “Sunday Salon – A Quiet Week

  1. I left W&P sitting on the treadmill…no walk, no W&P. I think I’m on chapter 5 or 6, so I’m just a few days off schedule. I haven’t hit that addictive point yet.

  2. I like Louise Penny novels. And Picasso paintings!

    I have started a weekly feature on Sunday, Sharing Poetry With You, where I would be sharing any poem that has made an impact on my. It could be a classic one or a contemporary one, and anything in between. Today’s Sunday Salon is all about that. Do check out what poem I share today by clicking on Sunday Salon: Sharing Poetry With you. You are invited to give your thoughts on the poem posted. In one word or many words……your choice!

  3. I hope to spend the day on the sofa reading a short novel. It’s raining outside in my defense. This is a rare weekend when I have no homework to do.

  4. I can’t wait to read Andrea Levy. She sounds so amazing. She was one of the books I had out from the library right before I moved, and I had to return it because I didn’t get to it right away.

    • I’ve finished Small Island, really liked it and will post a short review by mid-week. I have her new book on hold at the library but it will have to wait until after the TBR Dare.

  5. It’s a snow day here. I’ve shoveled, have chili in the crock-pot, laundry in the washer, and now it’s time to read. So far, it’s been great choosing books from my shelves. Enjoy the Picasso exhibit!

    • Picasso was amazing. Crowded but just a wonderful exhibit. Chili sounds like a wonderful idea, I have a great recipe for one made with black-eyed peas. What book did you end up choosing?

  6. The Picasso exhibit sounds fantastic! My only plans for this week is to enjoy the rest of my free time since school starts Tuesday. Have a great week!

  7. selena

    The exhibit is beautiful! We went to take our engagement photos at the SAM a few weeks ago and stayed around for some Picasso!

    Hope you’re feelin’ right as rain on this Monday.

  8. Eva

    I loved Small Island! And I’ve been reading quite a few mysteries too. :)

  9. I love Eliot Pattison’s Inspector Shan mysteries set in Tibet! I’ve learnt so much from them. I also have my first Louise Penny mystery on my shelf which I’m hoping to get to soon. And it’s good to hear that you are enjoying W&P.

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