The SciFi Experience 2011

This year I decided to stay away from most challenges in order to free up my reading, but I am making an exception for seasonal and short events.  I missed out on Carl V’s SciFi Experience last year and am glad to be joining in now.   Carl calls this event a non-challenge. From his website:

The purpose of The Sci Fi Experience is two-fold:

1. To spend the winter months (my favorite time of year to read science fiction) sharing my love of science fiction with others who love the genre as well.

2. To gently encourage those who have either never read science fiction, only rarely read science fiction, or have read science fiction and had a bad experience to give it a chance.

The Sci Fi Experience 2011 takes place from January 1st, 2011 through February 28th, 2011. There is a review site for those who want to post links to any science fiction novel/short story/film/television reviews that take place during the Experience. It can be found by clicking here, or on the review site image on my sidebar.

I have read science fiction for most of my life .  As a young person it was one of the ways that I learned I could expand my world, quite literally, through reading.  I return to it over and over again, both for sheer entertainment and for the ideas that it holds.  Ideas about possibility and the human experience.

How about you?  Is science fiction something you love?  Are you willing to give it a try?



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4 responses to “The SciFi Experience 2011

  1. I would be very glad to add more sci fi reading to my life. I will be watching the reviews for some good suggestions.

  2. I do love science fiction but it — and fantasy — made fewer appearances in my 2010 reading list than it has in past years. The up-side? When I do get back to that habit, my favourite authors will have lots of new temptations awaiting. So far this year I’ve been making a point of stretching that weak-non-fiction-reading muscle of mine, but I’ll look forward to hearing about your explorations for this non-challenge!

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