Sunday Salon – Thoughts on a Dare

A good Sunday to you.  It has been a busy week and I am looking forward to a quiet Sunday doing laundry and reading.  This could change if Mr G decides he is up for a movie.  I want to see Peter Weir’s new film.   I managed to get over being distracted and finished 3 of my TBR Dare books.  The TBR Dare is turning into an fascinating experience for me. Because I use the library so frequently I buy books based on the “oh, I can read this later” theory and then never get around to it.  I really intend to, there is just not enough time in the day, the week, or the month to get to them all.

I miss the library.  The couple of times I have been with students since the first of the month have been almost painful.  It would have been so easy to slip into the stacks and grab a couple of books, but I am making an effort to read only those books sitting in piles in and on top of my bookshelves.

I always have many books on hold at my favorite library branch and often walk out with eight or ten in my book bag, not that I ever get around to reading all of them before they become due.  The thing is, the library allows me to  try out a book without having to buy it.  That way, if I don’t like it I haven’t spent my hard earned dollars for something I really didn’t want,  and right now Mr G and I have to pinch every penny.  This means I may have to wait for 300+ people to read a book before I do but I am okay with that.  If I find I really love a book and want it on my shelves as a reference book or to reread later, I can look for a used copy.

Since the beginning of the TBR Dare there are fewer books on hold and the holds have been suspended until February 1st.  I may even try and stick with the Dare through February, there are certainly enough books around this house to see me through many months of reading.   I have also stopped compulsively adding books to my to-be-read lists.  I’m giving myself a chance to breath and read some of the books I’ve been meaning to get to for some time.

I am reading Life in bits and pieces, making my way through War and Peace a few pages a day and enjoying  The Twin by Gerbrand Bakker.

I have questions for TBR Dare participants.  Do books that have been on my re-read list count?  Do borrowed copies of TBR books count? What are your reading plans for this Sunday?  For this week?

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29 responses to “Sunday Salon – Thoughts on a Dare

  1. I deleted all the library holds and have only popped into the library once – dashing straight to the photography so to avoid temptation. More than the books I miss the peace and quiet of browsing the library shelves on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
    I have included a reread in my number, but I’m only including those books I physically have in the house (the photography books don’t count as they are guides not something I’ll sit and read cover to cover). I’m intending to read 25 books from the pile untill I can read anything else, but think I may set myself a limit of library and non-tbr books for the year as I have 500 ish sat in the house waiting to be read.

    How are you getting on with W&P? I struggled with Volume One, but Volume Two is great, loads of drama and twists.

    • I am enjoying W&P, about half way through Volume One, Part 2. I find it very addictive and am almost tempted to put aside the other books I am reading and just read Tolstoy. I have deleted a few library holds but I’ve waited a long time for some of the books and have just suspended them. I may leave them suspended through February. 500 books To be read? That is amazing!

  2. I have a few rules that I have applied to The Dare. Since I don’t have audiobooks sitting around my house, I allow myself those. Also book club books don’t count. There were a few books that I requested in November or December from the library and I am allowing myself those. But oh, I could do this forever. Books that have been sitting on my shelves for an eternity…good books…are getting love.

  3. I think the rules are pretty much what you make them. Like Sandy, I’m making exceptions for audiobooks (but I haven’t listened to any this month) and book club selections. I almost broke the dare yesterday, but managed to resist… I’m loving the books on my shelf that have been neglected for too long!

  4. Literary Feline

    I am not participating in The Dare, but my purchases have definitely slowed down (except for my recent e-book purchases via gift cards which spiked earlier this month). My upcoming move is the big reason–anytime I think about buying a book I have to ask myself if I really want to add to the already overwhelming number of boxes of books. Plus, my husband and I are doing our best to pinch pennies right now too because of the baby coming and all the money that entails. Still, it hasn’t stopped me from spending the occasional gift card. I’m just trying to be wiser about my choices, you could say.

    I stopped going to the library years ago because of my exhaustive TBR collection, but between review books and book purchases, I haven’t noticed much relief in dwindling TBR books. I’ve already made the decision that when we do move, I’m finding out where that local library is and will put it to good use once the baby is old enough to enjoy it too. In the meantime, hopefully my current slow book acquisition effort will pay off and I’ll get some of the TBR books read!

    Have a great week!

  5. You can make whatever rules and exceptions you like. I think you should stick to the “spirit of the dare” though. I’m including all books that I had on hold or was on the wait list for as of Jan. 1. I also make exceptions for book club books because I have to.

    The reread issue is an interesting point. The books are on your shelves but not on your TBR shelf. I think that’s against The Dare, but ultimately it’s up to you. Each participant sets the rules they’ll follow. So, whatever works for you.

    • Thanks for clarifying the Dare for me. I am sticking to TBR books I own for the month of January but will pick up a couple TBRs from the library in February. I signed up for the Sci-Fi Experience and want to read and review two newish books for that event. Other then those books I intend to go one with the dare for as long as I can stand it. After that I plan on reading at least one or two of my own TBR books along with library books.

      I have you to thank for getting me reading these pile of books. It is a great event and I hope you do it again next year!

  6. I do a lot of rereads at this time of year (already two in January) and had a lot of ILL books coming in so the TBR dare wouldn’t have worked for me from day one. Maybe some other time of the year…

    • I have started a re-read list and hope to get to some of those after the TBR Dare. I need to start using my library’s ILL system, I’ve never tried it! HAve a great week, Amanda.

  7. Gavin, the TBR Dare has been a fascinating experience for me as well. In my case, the biggest change has been replacing the urge to buy every book I hear about with trying to find them at the library first. That has been OK for the most part (I prob. buy too many books anyway), but that now makes the library the biggest obstacle for me to complete my full month on the dare I promised to try. Anyway, happy reading wherever your books come from this week!

    • Thanks, Richard. I just suspended all my library holds through January so I can read all my own books. I’m also fascinated by my need to constantly add new titles to my TBR list, what draws me to a book, why this one and not that one. Often it’s suggestions from specific bloggers that get added to the list.

      I’m enjoying War and Peace, may have to read some more Russians.

  8. I have just the same relationship with my library. I am far too poor, and have far too little space in my bedroom, to buy all the books I’d think of buying. If I didn’t have the library, I’d never get to read anything fun. :p I do wish I’d been able to bring all my books with me when I moved.

    • Moving and books is always a challenge. It used to be that whenever I went into a bookstore I’d come out with more books. Now I come out with a list of titles and head to the library!

  9. I’m not participating in Dare (yet), so I can’t answer your questions. I wouldn’t know what I’ll do without my library. I’m so used to it but there are library books sitting on my shelves now that have been there for weeks or even months! It’s probably time to admit defeat and take them back! Have a great week!

    • I know that feeling, staring at a pile of library books that are due that you really want to read but will never get to! I have a couple of graphic novels coming in around the first so they will break the “own book” part of the Dare, but they are still on my TBR list.

  10. I m not doing tbr dare tend to mix between tbr and library and new keep happy medium ,I ve war and peace post ready for tom orrow short but loving it so far ,oh the twin hope you like it I lived it when I read it ,all the best stu

    • I’m enjoying The Twin and War and Peace. The TBR Dare has been an eye-opener for me. Thanks for your comments, Stu, and scratch Winston for me!

  11. I thought about joining the Dare, Gavin, but I’d just had 20 books come through the library for me (don’t ask!) and I really wanted to read them! This is because I’m trying to read more from the library – and my own pile of books – and not buy so many new books. Otherwise I would have joined The Dare. It’s a good challenge! I’m pleased to say I’ve read some of those library books now too! lol

    I know about penny-pinching too, and am thankful always that we have libraries to borrow from.

    Of the books off your shelves that you have read for The Dare so far, what have you enjoyed the most, and what are you glad you have finally read?

  12. I’ve been tempted to break the Dare, as I had some books on hold at the library and picked them up even though I knew I wouldn’t read them yet. They’re still sitting on my dresser and have since expired- augh! I really don’t want to return them yet as after next week I’ll allow myself to read a few and then I don’t want to wait for them, but I hate having books out overdue (two I renewed, the third one I can’t)…

    • Oh, having that pile of library books would be too much for me! I am picking up a couple of graphic novels around the first but they are on my TBR list. I guess that’s stretching the dare a bit but I’m pleased with my results so far.

  13. Ti

    Our library system is being taking over by the city (a good thing) but it’s in transitiion right now, so although it’s open, it’s really hard to figure it all out. The shelves are sparse and the check out equipment is different…furniture is missing, etc. It will be completed by the end of March so it will be awhile before Iget to use it again.

  14. Best to you as you reduce that TBR stack! I am an infrequent library user and only request books I absolutely want now – I don’t seem to request books that have a wait. And I only get the ONE book or I would never get to it before it is due. I am a slow reader. I should check out more audio’s but I am just not that organized to find my mp3 player and figure out how to get it loaded. Bad me. If I could only get CDs that play in my car, I would but that too requires me to pay attention. Paper books are so much easier!

    • Thanks, Care. I’m slowly making a dent in the TBR pile and pln to keep going after the Dare is finished. I am also making a big effort to keep the piles from growing!

  15. I chose not to do this … although I should … I tend to acquire books via swapping and then never get around to reading them.

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