Sunday Salon – January Reading

A good Sunday to you.  I find it difficult to believe that it is the end of the month but am very pleased that I stuck with the TBR Dare.  With the exception of books for Carl V’s Sci-Fi Experience I plan on continuing  the Dare through the month of February.

I read fewer books then usual in January.  There has been lots going on socially, the depths of winter have me falling asleep  earlier and I am trying to spend some time each day writing.  Working my way through a couple of chunksters may have something to do with it.

Friday I spent the day with middle school students and older elementary student on their last ski outing to Crystal.  I don’t downhill ski but it was absolutely beautiful in those mountains, particularly the ride on the new gondola up to the top of the ridge.  I will have to bring Mr G up there in the summer.  The view of Mount Rainer will be fantastic.

I have also be following the news from Egypt.  We have friends in the Middle East and it is a pivotal time for them.  I hope that the people in Egypt are allowed to have their say with no more loss of life.

So it’s laundry and reading War and Peace for me today.  What about you?  What are your plans for this Sunday?  For this week?



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10 responses to “Sunday Salon – January Reading

  1. What a beautiful picture! My plans for today is to finish my homework and read! Have a great week!

  2. Ah, Vasilly beat me to it – beautiful picture. I’ve long wanted to visit Seattle and that makes me want to see it more.

    I’ve not read War and Peace – all I know is its length is mythical. I have read Anna Karenina though and loved it.

    Today is almost over for me but I’ve spent it preparing for a trip down to London to give a talk – I am a slow packer!

    Hope you have a great week too, and I agree with your sentiments about Egypt.

    • I am really enjoying War and Peace, it has me thinking I want to spend the year reading Russian authors! I hope the talk goes well.

  3. I so hope that Egypt gets their peace without more loss as well :( It’s so upsetting right now.

    That photo is GORGEOUS, Gavin! And congrats on sticking to the TBR have more stamina than me :p

    • Thanks, Chris. I am very pleased about sticking to the Dare and would love to make it through February with the exception of some Sci-Fi books and maybe a couple of graphic novels!

  4. I am so worried about Egypt and Tunisia, and people keep saying Libya’s looking more unstable now as well. :( I hope all good things for them.

  5. Ti

    I spent the weekend running around with my head cut-off. I never look as if I am running around crazy. At least, I don’t think so. On the inside though my mind was running a mile a minute. I hope this upcoming weekend proves a bit more rewarding (Superbowl fun).

    On the flip side.. I was unable to focus on my current book so I picked up another book which I was just going to read in between stuff going on, and then found that I couldn’t put it down. Hating Olivia is sooo not a book I would have picked up on my own, but I am a tiny bit obsessed with it.

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