Hop a long, Git a long, Read a long

My thanks to James at Ready When You Are, C.B, for offering those of us who have avoided reading westerns an opportunity to try out this long established genre.

The month of May will be dedicated to reading westerns, you can choose to read one book, or as many as you like.   If you aren’t in the mood for a challenge, you can join in the read-along.  James has a list of possible reads that is very inclusive, making this read-along inviting to many who might hesitant about joining in.

Here is the link.  Check it out…then join the fun!


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13 responses to “Hop a long, Git a long, Read a long

  1. oh I ll have a think about this my father is a huge western reader and I ve not read any so may look some out ,all the best stu

    • Reading westerns could be quite interesting. I have actually found I have a couple on my TBR list! You should ask your Dad for suggestions.

  2. Thanks for the plug, here. I’ve not started the full publicity blitz yet. I’m waiting until my TBR Dare is over first. There are so many terrific westerns out there. They deserve a wider readership.

  3. I don’t really read ‘westerns’, but will probably sign up for this. There are quite a few titles listed that interest me.

  4. Good luck on the read-along. I had to read a book about westerns last semester for class called West of Everything by Jane P. Thompkins, which was a really good, really interesting read. I’m interested in reading more books about westerns but I probably don’t have the time. I can’t wait to see what books you end up reading.

  5. While I have no interest in reading westerns, I do feel compelled to toss out a yee-haw.

  6. I wanted to read Riders of the Purple Sage since years. I saw the movie with Ed Harris once late at night… It’s so melancholic (not exactly what I would have associated with a Western)… If the book is only half as good as that then it will be a real treat. Thanks fro posting this, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

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