Sunday Salon – Poetry Links

A good Sunday to you!  I’m a bit late with this post.  Mr G and I got up early and went to breakfast, then visited several of our favorite used book stores.  He is not on a book buying ban and keeps adding to his stacks of mysteries, some of which I really want to read!

I managed to stay on the TBR Dare this week but there are books coming into the library that I may have to jump into.  Almost finished with the Keith Richards autobiography, its jam-packed with rowdiness, music gossip and mayhem so I’m having to take breaks and read other books, including Our Horses in Egypt and Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead.  Both of these are unusual but enticing reads.

One thing I promised myself I would do in 2011 was read more poetry.  Even though I have an entire bookshelf packed with collections and books by individual poets I rarely get around to reading them.  I’m always too wrapped up in novels and nonfiction to make time.  Luckily I’ve discovered sites that drop poems into my email box.   Linebreak and are two of my favorites.  I read the poems, sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t, but they are always interesting.   And the National Book Foundation has started a blog that looks back at 61 years of National Book Poetry Award winners. I find I am visiting it often, it is reminding me of poets I love and introducing me to those I am not familiar with.

The sun is out and even though it is a bit chilly I’m going to take myself out into the garden and read for a bit.  I hope you find time to enjoy a book today!


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9 responses to “Sunday Salon – Poetry Links

  1. I just signed up with My promise to read more poetry this year has been lagging and this will definitely help. Thanks!

  2. Ti

    It’s been really chilly here by me. I did finish a book today though, so I’m happy about that and I got a ton of stuff done today but tomorrow…back to work I go. No holiday time-off for me.

  3. Lu

    Ooh I hadn’t heard about Linebreak before. I get the poems and like those, but I’m definitely going to have to check out Linebreak :)

  4. I listen to garrison Keillor daily poetry podcast I really enjoy his voice and vareity of poems ,all the best stu

  5. I tend to like modern poetry better than classic stuff, so I like getting random poems from the Poetry Foundation website, over the website that used to drop poems into my inbox. Though I guess that causes me to miss out on some Coleridge…

  6. Thank you for the poetry links! I’m going to check them out. Have you found any new poets you love yet? Isn’t that a lovely feeling, a poet who puts into words what you think and feel too?

    have a good week, Gavin!

    • I actually need to start keeping a list of the poets I find interesting! Right now I think Linebreak is my favorite poetry site.

  7. PS the site looks fascinating! thank you!

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