Sunday Salon

For those of you in Japan, or with family and loved ones there, my heart goes out to you.  Mr G’s ex-wife lives outside of Osaka.  We were worried for a bit but she and her family are fine.  I hope the world can pull together and offer the Japanese people our support.

As I readjust to waking up in the dark I have to remember we will have light later on in the evenings.  This should be enough for me but I would prefer we leave the clocks alone.

It’s been a week with indications of spring.  A bit warmer with more sun.  I am ready for it.  I’ve been reading War and Peace, finished Kafka on the Shore and started Annabel, but part of my attention has been taken up by one of my favorite publications.  I subscribe to a few magazines and one of my favorites is Granta.  I have  issues going  back a decade, some in a dedicated bookcase, some in a pile by my reading chair.  I will pick one up, thumb through it and read a piece or two.

The newest issue arrived last week and I sat it aside because I was in the middle of something.  Wednesday I picked it up and read the first two pieces.  The second one is a short story by Roberto Bolano.  It is one long sentence and could be auto-biographical, or maybe not.  It had me in tears.  I set Granta down and picked it up a day later.  The third piece is by Robert Macfarlane.  It’s about walking on the West Bank  and has me thinking about the harm we humans do to each other.   This is why I love this publication.  It is filled with amazing writing that sometimes takes my breath away.  Please check the website or look for copies at you favorite bookstore.  I have even seen used copies available.  They are worth every penny.


Granta 114: Aliens

Be well and have a good week.



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8 responses to “Sunday Salon

  1. It’s always hard to adjust to the ‘spring ahead’ move, but I do appreciate more light in the evening. I’m back from London and trying to get on a regular blogging schedule again. Just started Wolf Hall yesterday.

    We’re still waiting to hear from the Japanese foreign exchange student who lived with my sister a couple of years ago…

    • The time change is hard for me, and hard for the children at school. Everyone was a bit sleepy today. I hope you enjoy Wolf Hall.

  2. I used to have a subscription to Granta decades ago. I should take another look at it. I loved it but didn’t read through every issue. Then it fell victim to a period when I needed to save money.

    • I don’t read through every Granta either. I somehow dropped my subscription when I moved to Seattle but missed it terribly and saved up to renew. As for the cost, Granta is one of the few things I do treat myself!

  3. Eva

    I haven’t heard of this before, but now I hope my library has it so I can give it a go!

  4. Nicely said about Japan, completely agree with you too, Gavin. I hate the time change and messing with the clocks, and was complaining about it this morning. Since our time designation is only that, a designation, why do we mess with nature’s clock to begin with?

    but really, I am happy for the light, and love that spring is coming, slowly, even to us up here. Lovely post,have a good week, Gavin!

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