Sunday Salon – Is It Spring Yet?

A Happy Sunday to you!  It has been a bit awkward weather wise.  The sun decided to come out, warm us up and dry us out a bit.  Things bloomed very beautifully and then my allergies started acting up, no fun.  It rained again and turned chilly.  That’s how it is around here.  Spring is a tease.

This week I finished and reviewed two wonderful books, Annabel and Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter.  I really liked both of them and am liking them more as time goes by.  I’m still trying to read a couple chapters of War and Peace each day and will post an update soon.  I also started Cutting for Stone, a book I’m sure will be one of this years favorites.

And it’s time for Once Upon A Time, a favorite challenge organized by Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings.  This is the fifth year of an event based on reading fantasy, fairy tales and mythology and many people  join in.  I’ve signed up to read just one book but have the option to read and review as many as I want.

The forecast says rain for today but I’m hoping the sun will be out for a bit.  I have compost to dig in and want to plant my peas.  Then I’ll be reading, what about you?


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16 responses to “Sunday Salon – Is It Spring Yet?

  1. I’m definitely planning to read Cutting For Stone soon. It’s been waiting for me to start it since I received it in 2010! Eeek.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon post for this week. I hope you will stop by. It’s nice to talk books with others here at Sunday Salon.

  2. maybe I’ll do the Once Upon a Time thing this year. I’m reading about it all over the place this morning.

  3. Spring is a tease. She snowed on us just a little bit here in DC last night ruining all my garden plans for today. Still better than the depths of winter though.

    The Once Upon a Time buttons are always so attractive to me but I have yet to participate actively. Just signing up doesn’t count right? :) Maybe this year. Happy reading!

  4. I have no idea what to read right now. I’m feeling a little bit under the weather so I’ll probably just sleep the day away! :-) I’m so glad that Carl’s challenge is back! It’s one of my favorites. Have a great week.

  5. Our warm-up last week was a fake-out. It’s been cold and snowy this week… the lake has frozen solid again. Cutting for Stone was excellent, and Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter is loaded on my ipod. My plan is to finish Wolf Hall this week.

  6. I love that you loved Crooked Letter. Such a wonderful book. And Cutting For Stone is high on my list. I think I might need to buy it on my Kindle since it is rather large, and read it on my travels this summer.

    And I hear you on the allergies. I just want to cry. They are going to KILL me.

  7. I agree that CROOKED LETTER, CROOKED LETTER is a wonderful book

  8. I hope the sun comes out for you today! We’re hoping for that here :)

    Oh, I just LOVED Cutting For Stone – hope you do too !!

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