Two Graphic Novels

Local by Brian Wood.

Art by Ryan Kelly

Oni Press, Portland, 2008

From the library.  This one is for high school and up.

Megan McKeenan is stuck in a very bad relationship.  Her boyfriend has her trying to pass off stolen scripts at local pharmacies and she knows she is going to get caught.  Taking matters into her own hands she decides to leave Portland and hit the road.  Thus begins a journey of inter-linked stories through 12 North American cities. from Portland to Minniapolis, Richmond, Virgina to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The drawings are in black and white, highly detailed and the artwork and stories fit together beautifully.  This is an intense road trip.

Ghostopolis By Doug Tennapel

Graphix, Scholastic Publishing, New York 2010

From the library.  Perfect for middle school readers.

Garth Hale has been diagnised with a fatele disease.  Imagine his confusion when he is suddenly transported into the spirit world and finds he has powers that even ghosts do not have.  Chased by an evil ruler who wants to use Garth’s powers all seems lost until Garth meets up with Cecil, his grandfather’s ghost and they solve this spooky problem together.  There is a great mix of monsters including a lovely skeletal horse and some “mad” scientist who travel in and out of Ghostopolis.  Beautiful art and a lovely story.  I want to read more of Doug Tennapel’s work.



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11 responses to “Two Graphic Novels

  1. It is great to see these. The next time I go shopping at the library in the graphic novel department, I will look for them!

  2. I love love love Ghostopolis! I haven’t heard of Local before. I hope my library has it. Great reviews!

    • I loved Ghostopolis too, and want to read more of his work. Local is intense and really well put together. Are you rested up from the weekend?

  3. I’m still new to the world of graphic novels but these sound I retesting…especially the first one. I’d be curious to see how the different cities look.

    • Interesting..gotcha! Local is good but Ghostopolis is growing on me, the more I think about it. There are some great graphic novels out there.

  4. And when I said “I retesting” I meant interesting!!!

  5. I have never read a graphic novel. Ghostopolis sounds like something I would like.

  6. I have Ghostopolis out from the library right now. I am looking forward to reading it.

  7. Definitely intrigued by Local. I like the idea of interlinked graphic novel stories, each set in a different North American city.

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