Sunday Salon – With Sun

A good Sunday to you.  It is finally spring, we have had a bit of sun and this week is spring break.  A time to spruce up the house, work in the garden and gather energy for the final, exiting weeks of school.  These weeks will include all sorts of activities, beach walks, hikes and a camping trip.

It has been a sad time at The Blue House.  Our beloved, beastly old pup went off her food for several days and a visit to the vet  turned up some serious problems with her liver and her bladder.  She is eating again, is on pain meds and we will keep her comfortable and close for whatever time we have left together.

So I have been lax at responding to your comments and visiting and leaving comments on my favorite blogs.  Hope to remedy that over the next few days.  I did manage to read and review a couple of graphic novels this past week and have been working my way through several different books.  I hope to finish  at least two and get something written about them by mid-week.

Has the spring reached you yet?  How has your week been and have you read anything exciting?  Have a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week.



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24 responses to “Sunday Salon – With Sun

  1. Yes, spring has reached us here in London. The last few days have been lovely and warm. So sorry to hear about your poor pup.

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear it is warm in London. Here is the Pacific Northwest we’re slowly edging up into the 50’s (10ish c.) but at least the sun is showing itself! Kit, the pup is comfortable, so that is a blessing.

  2. Sorry to hear about the pup. Always sad to face the potential loss of a family member.

    You and I are both in the same spring break mode, and I hope yours is every bit as rejuvenating as you need. Happy time off!

  3. I’ve been down this road about six years ago with my dog. Still not over it. Even during the three weeks when I had to hand-feed my guinea pig and thought I was going to lose him, I couldn’t function normally. So I completely understand. My heart breaks for you.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Sandy. I think the hardest part is that they can’t tell you how they are feeling. Kit the pup seems comfy and at ease, that makes things a bit easier.

  4. Oh, sad news about the pup. I remember times like those, and nothing can really take away the pain completely.

    I’m enjoying spring, except for the fact that I have allergies, so I PAY every time I go outside.


  5. Sorry to hear your pup is sick and I hope he is well soon.
    I read The Slap this week. It’s terrific.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your puppy. Spring hasn’t bother to show up so summer decided to come in its place. It’s been so hot out here. Take care of yourself.

  7. Ti

    I’m sorry to hear this news about your pup. It’s so hard to see our loved ones decline in health. Hope she remains comfortable.

    I am not doing anything exciting. Is laundry exciting? No, didn’t think so.

  8. So sorry about your pup – It is so hard to see them grow old.
    Please send some of that sun our way – preferable with warmer temps too!

  9. Spring can’t decide if it’s reached us or not. Yesterday was in the forties and miserably gusty and rainy and cold, and today it was in the low 60s and sunny as can be. I am hoping the latter trend prevails.

  10. I wish your pup all the best. Nothing shakes me so much as when one of my furry friends is ill.

  11. It’s getting sunnier here in London. Hope it continues. Sorry to hear about your pup and hope she gets better soon.

  12. sunny here today ,lovely looking dog from the back ,all the best stu

  13. Sorry to hear about your pup. Sending good wishes your way.

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