Sunday Salon – It might just be spring…finally.

A happy Sunday to you, and a happy Easter!  The sun has been peeking about all week and yesterday really felt like spring.  I re-potted some herbs and planted some containers and am babying some peas and greens, trying to protect them from what ever is eating them!

Spring break has been busy, mostly house cleaning and organizing but with a couple of days out and about for lunch and visiting used bookstores.  Mr G picked up a couple of mysteries by a Japanese author a friend had raved about.

I managed to find two books by Diana Wynne Jones that I hope to read for Once Upon A Time V.

I finally finished  Agaat, it proved to be a slow, intense read.   I hope to have a review up by midweek.   Today I will do laundry and work a bit more  in the garden.  Then I hope to finish Surface Detail.     Science fiction is a not-so-secret passion of mine.  What about you?  What are your reading plans for today?  For the week?



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18 responses to “Sunday Salon – It might just be spring…finally.

  1. Look forward to your thoughts on Natsuo Kirino – I read Out a couple of years back and was mesmerised by how dark and twisted it was. Not read anything else by Kirino yet, but do want to change that.

    • Mr G is reading Out and says it is very dark and, at times, very funny. I hope to get to it sometime in May. Thanks for your comment!

  2. It has been a lovely week off, hasn’t it? I don’t want it to end. And it sounds like we spent our time in much the same ways except that I made some day trips and museum visits as well. Hoping Tuesday feels a long way off still for you. Happy Easter!

  3. I’ve got a stack of homework that I must get to today. If I finish it, I’m moving on to a book from Denmark called Doghead by Morten Ramsland. It’s a family saga, kind of like Gunter Grass’ The Tin Drum.

    • I hope you got to that homework! I looked up Doghead, it sounds wonderful and the translator is Tina Nunnally. She is a favorite of mine ever since I read Smilla’s Sense of Snow.

  4. I don’t know about Japanese mystery novels, but the Japanese sure do know their stuff when it comes to scary movies. I’m reading John Sandford’s latest in the Prey series, and listening to Bloodroot. But I doubt I will get to much of that today, as we will be spending most of our day with friends (eating).

  5. You have been on a reading roll this past week! Spring break just started for me (yay!), so I plan on reading my butt off while writing reviews as I go. Have a great Easter.

  6. It was lovely to have Friday off. I spent the whole day reading. Happily.

  7. Your reading sounds intriguing…hope you’re enjoying it.


  8. I’ve seen Out on lots of shelves. I’ll look forward to seeing a review.

    Check out my Sunday Salon post here.

  9. I’ve not encountered Natsuo Kirino before, but I am having a great time investigating Japanese literature at the moment, so think I shall add this one to my wishlist for further investigation. Thanks for the tip, Gavin! Lovely weather in the UK too at the moment, too – a real treat for Easter.

  10. I’m glad you are having good weather. Have fun exploring Japanese literature!

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