Computer Update

A quick post from Mr G’s computer.  My laptop is still in the shop so I am seriously behind in my comments and reviews.  I am starting to write things out in longhand, something I used to love doing.  Maybe I’ll actually start writing more.  I have been spending time in the garden and have greens, herbs and lots of squash coming up.  I fear for the tomatoes.  It just hasn’t been hot enough for them.

I feel lucky.  Even though we’ve had many days with clouds and grey skies our temperatures have remained mild compared to many other parts of the US.  If you are living “under the dome” I hope you and your loved ones are okay and are managing to stay cool.  While I have computer access I’m going to check in on some of my favorite blogs and try to leave quick comments.  If I miss you know you are on my mind!



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11 responses to “Computer Update

  1. My computer broke a month or so ago and it was almost nice… Once I popped on to say I was going to be gone for a while, I decided I needed a break and even continued it a bit once my computer was back.

    • You are so right, the break was really nice. I am going to try and spend less time on the computer but don’t want to miss favorite blogs and answering comments!

  2. As tough as it is to be without a laptop, sometimes it’s good to be unplugged for a while. Hope your computer woes are over soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the time in the garden.

  3. I agree with JoAnn and Kailana: being unplugged for awhile gives you great room to do other things. I love the pictures of your garden. My corn is having the same problem as your tomatoes. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks, Vasilly. The break was nice and I’m rethinking the amount of time I spend on the computer (again). I miss my favorite blogs and leaving comments!

  4. I love the pictures of your garden!! It’s good to know that you are not experiencing the heat, every time I think about all our blogging friends who are in it, my heart goes out to them. We just got our first real taste of it earlier this week – it’s just moving out now, tonight – and it was awful.

    We are down to one computer to my access is limited among 4 people! I know how you feel, and I agree with your other posters, it is a little freeing as well to be free of the computer for a while. I miss all my blogging friends, though, and this brings me back :-)

    • I hope the heat has cleared away! The computer is back but the break was very nice. I did miss leaving comments and reading my favorite blogs. Have to rethink this whole blogging thing, I love it but sometimes feel pressured by it.

  5. hope your back soon ,but time away from wired world is great ,all the best stu

  6. Hope your garden thrives! We have a pumpkin right now the size of a basketball … I hope it makes it until Halloween time or my son will be very very upset!

    And I know what you mean about having to get caught up. I’m just back from vacation and wading my way through 1,000,000 blog posts (or it just seems that way).

    • That pumpkin sounds great! I’ll have zucchinis that big before long. It sound like you had a great trip. I’ve been through Glacier twice and just love it.

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