Sunday Salon – Mid-Summer

Finally,  Summer in the Pacific Northwest.   I feel very lucky that we’ve avoided the heat felt in many places around the US.  I hope all of you are staying comfortable.

Days at the beach with friends, afternoons in the garden, going through boxes of stuff,  purging all the things we haven’t used in years.  It is wonderful having time to do all of these things.  Oh, and reading, lots of reading.  Books from my own TBR pile, books I’ve put on hold at the library, books I’ve found wandering the stacks.  Everything from mysteries to essays to books on the Man Booker Prize long list.  If you’ve been keeping and eye on the Booker what are your thoughts about the list?  About literary prizes in general?

My reading is great but at the moment  I’m having a hard time writing reviews.  I’m not trying to write about every book and the reviews I am writing are brief and not very focused.  I think it’s because I want to spend less time at the computer.

Right now I am finishing up Pico Iyer’s The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and loving it.

     I often felt that the heart and soul, quite literally, of the Dalai Lama’s life existed precisely in the parts that most of us couldn’t see.  “The truth,” as Meister Eckhart put it, “is that the more ourselves we are, the less of a self is in us.”  Like the most impressive experts in any field, the Dalai Lama tempted us to forget that he had studies for eighteen years and faced an oral examination by thirty scholars of logic, thirty-five doctors of metaphysics, and thirty-five experts on the Noble Path; indeed, his warmth and everyday humanity meant that many of us spoke to him as if he were truly one of us – no one asks the pope whether he has dreams of women or what makes him angry.  Yet the fact remains that, like every Tibetan  Buddhist monk, he was bound by more than 253 different vows.  From page 150.

This is  a wonderful book about a man who is spiritually and politically exploring the possibilities of human potential and sharing his knowledge with the world.

And you, what are you reading and what are your plans for this day?  For this week?

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16 responses to “Sunday Salon – Mid-Summer

  1. I can’t even go outside it is so awful here right now. I would love for some lovely 80 degree weather. Which I’ll get maybe in October or November. Ugh. I’ve been having a hard time reading AND writing. I just have to force myself. I’m hoping I can knock out Jo Nesbo’s “Nemesis” today, but maybe not. I’ve not been very productive.

    • Argh, just stay inside and try and stay cool. Sounds like maybe you need a couple of days away from the computer, not being “productive” for a bit is not a bad thing. Enjoy “Nemesis”, a friend of mine has a copy of “The Redeemer” which is #6 in the series so I’m going to read that one before “The Snowman”. Have a great week..

  2. I just loved The Open Road…I had post-it notes everywhere by the time I finished.

    • I know what you mean. I’m going to try and find a used copy so I can read again and make lots of notes. My best to Hamburger!

  3. Very inspiring read. Good for you.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon for this week:
    Sunday Salon: New York! New York!
    And don’t forget the Readerbuzz August Giveaway!

  4. It still feels like late winter in the SF Bay Area. It’s looked like a storm coming in for the last week, but no storm.

    I gave up writing reviews, myself. No i just put down whatever it is I want to say about the books I read. Sometimes it’s a formal review, sometimes just a few quick, kind of random paragraphs. I think I ended up with a much more interesting blog as a result. Interesting for me, at least.

    • We are back to clouds in the morning and sun later in the day and I have to say I’d rather it be 75 than 90. I’m taking a hint from you about reviews. I’m much more comfortable writing a brief post about how I feel about a book. There are so many “in depth” reviewers out there. Your blog is interesting for lots of us! I need to check out more of your mail art.

  5. I haven’t even been outside today. It’s hot, of course, but I think it’s supposed to be a tad cooler today. My air conditioning is on, though.

    My reading is in what I would call a slump…all week I focused on other things, but did read two books.


  6. We’ve had a lot of heat and humidity. Ick! But now it is raining and I actually welcome that! It will cool things down. I’ve been struggling with my book reviews. I just can’t find my groove. It doesn’t help that I’m a terrible procrastinator either.

  7. Eva

    I loved The Open Road too! And I’m glad you’re finally having some summer weather; I’ll happily send you all of ours. ;)

    • I finished The Open Road and loved it. Now I want to read more about Tibet but maybe I shouldn’t. I hate the fact of an entire culture being made to disappear. Hope your fibro is better!

  8. Ti

    I just finished Domestic Violets. I started King’s Full Dark, No Stars last night after coming down with a cold. It makes for good “I don’t feel well” reading.

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