Sunday Salon – Back to School

We are  scrambling to finish a few chores before school starts.  Been in to work on the library a bit but meetings and classroom set-up start tomorrow.  Summer has been great, got to the coast, had great times with friends and did some serious basement and closet purging.

Still very sad over the loss of our beloved pup but have spent time sharing memories and stories with friends.  I want to thank all those who left kind words here last week.  We are lucky to have people around us who share a love of animals and who understand our grief.

As for books and reading I finished GaloreMonster of God and The Quantum Thief, but am having the worst time sitting down and writing about them.  I loved all three but just can’t seem to put words together, some kind of writing slump..funk..block.   The reason I started Page247 was to share my love of  books and I feel kind of foolish being stuck like this.  Has this happened to you?

On a cheerier note I read a great piece on Charles Dickens and  Dickens Camp in The New Yorker.   Here is a link to the abstract, I think it  is worth getting your hands on a copy.  I plan on starting The Book of Salt later on today, or maybe Animal’s People.  What are your reading plans?  Have a good Sunday and a great week!

Sunday Salon is a place to share your love of books and reading.  There is a Facebook group here.



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13 responses to “Sunday Salon – Back to School

  1. Eva

    Yes, sometimes I’m completely paralysed trying to blog about books I loved! I think it happens to all of us. ;)

    • I guess book review blog is a common ailment. I’m just going to write short posts until I get over it. Glad to see you back!

  2. I think you are in very good company. I would bet that just about all of us have had bloggers block. Sometimes mine is just laziness and sometimes the words just will not come. You have had things on your mind lately, so it is no wonder. I am so very sorry about your baby. I still miss mine all these years later.

  3. I have had enormous book blogging slumps — this whole year has been sort of a blogging slump for me! :( It’s not because I’ve stopped enjoying writing about books, but I just sometimes lose the ability to say what I want to say about them. And there are some books that are just so awesome I can’t write about them. I’ve never been able to come close to doing justice to The Color Purple, for instance, and it’s one of my favorite books in the world. :(

    • There are a few books I wouldn’t even try to write about, for example LOTR or To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s good to know that other people get stuck sometimes.

  4. Once, when completely stumped, I just copied out the blurbs on the back of the book and the commented on whether or not they were accurate. It turned out to be an excellent post.

    • James, that is a brilliant idea. I may have to steel it from you. Sometimes book blurbs seem way off base and it would be fun to write about that:)

  5. I’m in a little bit of a slump; I’m reading, but I haven’t been wild about anything.

    I know it will only take one good book to knock me out of that slump.

  6. The summer just flew by!

  7. Short posts are good too:) I think it’s hard to expect bloggers to sustain their excitement 24/7. It’s hard to do that with anything! But it looks like you’ve been reading some wonderful books so hopefully you’ll want to share!

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