Sunday Salon – The Year So Far…

Good Sunday to you!  The last week was spent cleaning and reorganising the classroom and meeting with colleagues.  Long days making the environment look beautiful and filled with interesting discussions about the coming year.  Bits of time helping out in the library.  Talking to children and parents as they visit the classroom and pick out their cubbies.

I have been  evaluating my reading.  I am so glad I made the decision to severely limit my challenges this year.  It allowed for spontaneity and freedom in reading, no pressure and no quilt.  Lovely.  It also freed me up to jump into read-alongs and seasonal events like Once Upon A Time, Hop-along Read-along, Orange July and the  R.I.P. VI Challenge , which just started and run through October 31st.  And, thanks to C.B. James and the TBR Dare,  I continued to read my own books throughout the year.

As for my reading,  I gave up on one book this week, just couldn’t stay focused on it,  finished a mystery called  Breathing Out the Ghost, went back to reading War and Peace and started a book, Follow Me Down, from Red Lemonade.  More about this book and Red  Lemonade in a later post.  I’ve also been reading books about dogs,  taking in the loss of Kit and remembering there are many, many dogs (and cats) out there that need loving homes.

And I discovered an interesting blog post through Shelf Awareness.  This is bad.   I already have too many ways to add books to my TBR list. Go on, I dare you, check it out.

May just stay home and read today, or may go visit a friend who has blackberry bushes running down her alleyway.  The sun is out, the berries are ripe.  Yum.  Have a wonderful week.


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14 responses to “Sunday Salon – The Year So Far…

  1. Yum, blackberries. Have a great week!

    • Blackberries are wonderful, and all over the city! We ended up visiting a friend to the north who has turned her yard into a veggie garden! Now we have many zucchini…

  2. I’m right there with you this year Gavin. I signed up for no challenges (except for James’), although I will probably do RIP because one must do such things in the fall. And I have had the best reading year in my life. I have eleven five star reads just over the summer. So, lesson learned, this is the way to go. Sandy will continue to stay (virtually) challenge-free. Now go pick some berries!

  3. Definitely, stick to your own list. It’s what I’m trying to do and despite a vague relapse over the summer when I signed up for a give-away-challenge, I’m back to my own true self. Nevertheless, I love the book blogs just to pick up some interesting reads here and there!

    • The thing about the book blogs is my to-be-read list gets longer and longer. I’ll never be able to read all of them. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. I hope you get lots of yummy blackberries! We had enough for just one pie this year.

    • There are lots of blackberries all over the city. I’ve taken to carrying a container in the car so I can stop and pick them!

  5. I’ve been lazing around all day, alternately reading and watching movies. Completely lazy!

    The blackberry idea sounds good! I can almost taste them….


    • We ended up visiting a friend to the north who has a large garden. There are blackberries all over the city now. Thanks for the comment!

  6. I’m still (slowly) working on War and Peace. If I finish 30% in 8 months, how long will it take me to get to the end? Sadly, math is not my forte.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon!

    And it’s time for
    Readerbuzz’s September Giveaway!

    Stop by! I always follow back.

  7. I fell behind with war and peace I ll try and read it round Christmas I think like I did 2666 last Christmas as net quiet hope your having a good week Gavin

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