About The Help…….

I couldn’t finish reading the book.  I have no desire to see the movie.  I have never been able to clearly state why I couldn’t finish the novel but the discussion that has developed throughout the blogging community is helping me understand the real issues.  Amy of Amy Read’s and Amanda of Opinions of a Wolf have started a reading project.  I’m going to try and take part.   It is important, particularly for those of us in the United States.    Become involved in the discussion.


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13 responses to “About The Help…….

  1. We’re glad to have you!

    • My library is holding “A Million Nightingales” for me and I hope to get to it next week. I will be following the discussions.

  2. I never had any interest in the book or the movie. I’m soooo glad my book club never picked this one, too. It just has book club book written all over it.

    • I only started reading “The Help” because so many people I know said I :had to read it”. I put it down after about 50 pages.

  3. This boom hasnt appealed to me Gavin not my sort of book all the best stu

  4. I haven’t read this either, and I probably won’t unless I find myself in a place where it is and I am and there are no other books or people or anything at all interesting.

  5. Thanks so much for posting about this and for joining us!

  6. I made it to page 70 the first time. The second time I tried was for book group and I had to skim read large parts.

    In addition to all the other issues with the book, I think it is badly written.

    Unfortunately most of my friends really enjoyed the book.

    It is nice to see a gathering of the other side the story.

    • I’m trying to follow the conversation about The Help but have fallen behind because school just started. Hope to catch up in a week or so. I have to say I am surprised at how many badly written books are out there right now but, with marketing the way it is, maybe I shouldn’t be.

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