Y.A. for R.I.P VI

Quick reviews for two young adult novels I read for the R.I.P. challenge.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ramson Riggs

Quirk Books, Philadelphia, 2011

An interesting book built around an intriguing idea.  Old and unusual photographs inspired Ransom Riggs to write this  novel featuring “peculiar” children stuck in time and filled with stories that turn out to be very real.  And there are monsters.

Jacob Portman is an ordinary sixteen-year-old  whose life suddenly takes a surprising turn.  After many years of telling Jacob stories about some unusual photographs kept in an old cigar box, Abe Portman, Jacob’s grandfather dies under mysterious circumstances.  The stress of that terrible night is almost too much.  After sliding in and out of depression Jacob decides to visit Cairnholm Island, where many of his Grandfather’s wild stories took place, hoping to find some connection to the old man.  At Cairnholm he discovers  more than he bargained for.

Fast paced and well written, this scary fantasy moves from the present into the past and back again.  The novel ends with the possibility that there are more adventures to come.

White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick

Roaring Brook Press, New York, 2011

Because of something in her past Rebecca is forced to move to the small town of Winterfold.    Ferelith has lived in Winterfold all her life.  Winterfold is slowly falling into the sea.

These two young women form a strange team, build a love-hate relationship, and through their dares and forfeits, unravel a mystery that has been hidden for over two centuries.

This gothic tale is a mix of present day and the past.  Sedgwick tells the story from three points of view.  Rebecca’s, Ferelith’s and a church pastor from 1798.  It is a story filled with questions of life and life after death, of God and the Devil, and finally of love and faith in those we love.

I really liked this young adult horror tale.  Several bloggers I trust have raved about Sedgwick’s writing and I can see why.  I will be reading more of his work.

Both of these books were borrowed from my local library.  If you have read either of them please leave a comment and I will link your reviews.

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12 responses to “Y.A. for R.I.P VI

  1. Two fantastic books! Really glad you’ve discovered Sedgwick, he’s an excellent writer. I can highly reccommend Revolver as your next one.

  2. I read Sedgwick a couple years ago and then didn’t really read him again. I have to because I keep hearing good things from people like Darren who also commented on this post.

    • Yup, I first heard about Marcus Sedgwick on Darren’s blog and then lost track of him. I’m glad I rediscovered his through White Crow.

  3. I have heard such great things about MPHPC and can’t wait to read it. I wanted to do the challenget too, but I have so much to read on my TBR list, I just couldn’t afford to get boggled down. But I enjoying reading about what everyone else is reading.

    • Thanks for your comment, Lena. R.I.P. is great fun and following the links to reviews always adds books to my to-be-read list. Maybe you could join us next time.

  4. I reviewed Miss Peregrines in both blog and vlog format:
    I enjoyed it. I was particularly intrigued by the use of vintage photos and thought the story was definitely enhanced by the use of this device!
    I haven’t read any Sedgwick; in fact haven’t heard about this author even. I love Gothic though and your description has me intrigued.

  5. Darren turned me on to Sedgwick. I’m so glad he did. The author comes up with some amazing stories. Great reviews. :-)

  6. I’ve heard lots of good things about the first and the second is new to me, but both look great. Will definitely be checking them out!

  7. I really like both of these Y.A. novels and will be reading more of Sedgwick. Thanks for the comment!

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