The Sandman: Volume One by Neil Gaiman

The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman

D.C. Comics, New York, 1995

Borrowed from my library.  I have the first 30 issues of this series tucked away in my basement.

I decided I had to review something in graphic format for R.I.P. VI.   What better than The Sandman?  I first discovered Neil Gaiman’s work when someone gave me a copy of Black Orchid.  I was hooked.

Gaiman started The Sandman project as a monthly comic in 1989.  The original idea of the Sandman character coming from a 1976-1978 DC series,  Gaiman made it his own.  The Vertigo imprint as released the series in trade paperbacks that group individual comics into complete novels.

With the help of many artist and inkers, The Sandman series grew from an awkward beginning into a complex classic tale of horror, myth and magic.   Preludes and Nocturnes introduces the Dream King, Morpheus,  held captive for nearly a century.  During his icarseration many humans have suffered horrible continuing nightmares. Finally free and seeking revenge along with his stolen magical tools, Dream finds himself weakened, almost dead.   To regain his power he must visit a ghastly hell filled with demons and flesh-eating monsters, a combination of Dante’s Inferno and The Garden of Earthly Delights.  There are several scenes in Arkham Asylum, a madhouse orginally appearing in Batman comics.   I imagine Arkham  is  based on Bethlam Royal Hospital.

My love of The Sandman is based on the mix of horror, magic, and ancient stories to tell tales of very human dilemmas.   Dream and his siblings, including Death and Delirium, are wonderful characters.  Neil Gaiman and all of the artist and others involved in this series have created a classic.  The Sandman is  perfect for reading on dark, stormy nights.

R.I.P. VI is organized by Carl V. of Stainless Steel Droppings.  Visit the review site is here.  I made full use of Wikipedia for some of the background on this series.


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10 responses to “The Sandman: Volume One by Neil Gaiman

  1. Delirium is the best. Delirium should be in every issue, except that I guess maybe that would be too much. But I think she’s a fabulous character and very well played Neil Gaiman to have invented her.

  2. I had mixed feelings about this book but I did love the trip to Hell part.

    • I think that in the first volume Gaiman and all the artist were finding their way. I want to reread the rest of the series to see how it matures and what I think of it after many years away from it.

  3. tuulenhaiven

    Still very much on my TBR list. I know I’ll love it if I would just get started! :)

  4. I too had mixed feelings about Preludes and Nocturnes but have been told by so many people that it’s just a beginning (and I like your phrasing as an “awkward beginning” at that) that I’m giving the rest of the series another go. Thanks for reminding me to get on it!

  5. I love The Sandman comics … and anything Neil Gaiman does, really! I’ve only read the first “novel,” but am trying to add more to my collection.

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