Zero History by William Gibson

Zero History by William Gibson

G.P. Putman’s Sons, New York, 2010

Borrowed from my library.

I have very eclectic taste in books.  I love  Science Fiction.  I have very specific tastes in Science Fiction.  There used to be a book store in Santa Monica, California, called ” A Change of Hobbit”, I would get lost in there for hours.  That is where I first discovered William Gibson, just when his novel “Neuromancer” was published.

According to SciFi geeks, Gibson invented the term “cyberspace”.    His work has evolved over time to include alternative history and speculation about near-future urban environments but Zero History is different.  This is no longer science fiction,  this is the present becoming the future faster than it takes to read a sentence.  And the past just seems to disappear.

Hurbetus Bigend, the head of Blue Ant, a company that finds the next big, big thing and is all over viral marketing, wants to get into the military contracting business.  After all, war is recession proof.  He sends Milgrin, a ex-addict who owes Bigend his life, to steal the design of some street wear from a threatening looking man on the US east coast.   He hires Hollis Henry, former lead singer in the band Curfew, to find the designer of a very secretive line of fashion called Gabriel Hounds.   In the midst of all this Bigend’s activities pisses off another military contractor named Gracie and all hell breaks loose.  There is this and so much more than this, wrapped up in a book that feels like a movie or ten movies on big screens or like sitting in front of a hundred CCTV screens trying to track the latest social menace.

Zero History, along with the other novels in what could be  called the ” Blue Ant” trilogy, crosses barriers and enters the arena of literary fiction.  Evolving technology, street fashion, pop culture and last stage capitalism all play a part in this tightly woven thriller.  I love how William Gibson’s mind works,  he fits things together in ways that are very, very smart,  all the while seeming to spin out of control.  Reading his books makes me happy.  Weird, huh?


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11 responses to “Zero History by William Gibson

  1. That would be very interesting if it is true about him coining the word “cyberspace”. I have not read this but it sounds good.

  2. I have been curious about this author for a while, but I still haven’t read anything by him…

  3. I’m in the same boat as Kailana (commenter above). I’ve been debating about checking this author out as well, but not sure which book to start with. This one caught my eye, by its title – it will go great with the A – Z challenge I participate in. But everyone says Necromancer is a classic, so what would you recommend to start with Gavin?

  4. I read one of his early books as I remember there was a real buzz about him as a writer similar to the buzz the surrounds Mieville these days ,I not read anything else by him feel I should thou I constantly saying I need to revisit other genres I read in my youth sci fi being one of them, ,all the best stu

  5. I love this: “this is the present becoming the future faster than it takes to read a sentence.” Kind of messes with your mind. And how great to have an author that makes you happy. It is a wonderful thing. I’ve never read anything by him but I feel I should.

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