Sunday Salon – December 18th?

Good Sunday to you.  I cannot believe it is almost the end of the year.  I hope to get a post up revisiting my favorite books by the 31st.  We’ll see if that happens.

I have a confession to make.  I tried reading Murakami’s 1Q84, I gave it over 100 pages,  the writing is wonderful,  the story strange and odd, but I found I could not connect with the characters.  They seemed removed, distant, and I just couldn’t give myself over to the book.  I had to set it aside.

This is sad. Maybe it’s the timing.  Maybe the length felt daunting.  There are so many of my favorite bloggers who love Murakami and I want to love him too.  If you have a suggestion for another of his books I should try please leave a comment.

Today I am making Dorrie Greenspan’s Swedish Visiting Cake to bring to a friend’s house on Monday and then plan on getting back to reading Bohemian Girl by Terese Svoboda.  I am loving it.  How about you, what are you reading today?


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9 responses to “Sunday Salon – December 18th?

  1. That cake looks so yummy!

    Here is my Sunday Salon post!

  2. I’ll admit, I am a little intimidated by Murakami – I have seen a lot of bloggers picking up 1Q84…and I’ve been thinking of trying it. But, now I am not sure LOL!

    I’m currently enjoying a collection of short stories by Diana Athill and hoping to finish another 3 books before the end of the year :)

    Have a great week!

  3. Ti

    His books often have a dreamy element to them. Maybe that is why you felt detached. I absolutely loved the book. Reviewed it last week. It took a little bit of time to get to know Aomame. Her personality is sort of detached to begin with…but by book two I was completely hooked.

    If you didn’t like this one though, you probably won’t care for the others. This was by far, his tamest novel, at least of the ones I’ve read.

  4. I’ve never read any of Murakami’s books yet, but I loved his memoir. I tried a set of his short-stories on audio but it just didn’t work. I want to like him too. Going to maybe try Kafka first.

  5. Uh-oh. I have 1Q84 sitting on the shelf. I’m hoping I have more of Ti’s reaction to the book.

  6. Too bad about the Murakami book. I’m looking forward to reading your favorites list. Have a great week.

  7. I’m excited to try Murakami’s fiction for the first time in the coming year, butg I don’t think I’ll start with 1Q84!

  8. So many bloggers do seem to be talking about 1Q84 but I’ve not really felt a desire to pick it up yet to be honest. I think the length might have a lot to do with it though :)

  9. gl

    norwegian wood and sputnik sweetheart are good, but i have to admit that i skipped some paragraphs.

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