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Lu at Regular Ruminations and Kelly at The Written World are hosting a monthly poetry event.
Why don’t you join in? You can find out more about it here.

One of the things that brings me joy in my work and my daily life is introducing  poetry to children.  How words connect to children’s’ lives and how they carry them into youth and adulthood can start with something as simple as a nursery rhyme and continue on with songs and picture books.

When I visit my library and have time to wander in the stacks I always search for one or two picture books to bring home.  I found an old favorite this week.

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

Illustrated by Susan Jeffers.

Dutton Children’s Books, New York, 1978

A timeless classic poem brought to life with stunning illustrations.  This book is simply beautiful.  I have a friend who gives this as a gift to every expectant woman we know.

And I picked up a book by an author new to me.

Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night By Joyce Sidman

Illustrated by Rick Allen

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, New York, 2010

Wonderful poems in different styles with beautiful illustrations along with explanations of how animals and other living things survive at night.  I plan on giving this one to my friend Morgan for his sixth birthday.

Welcome to the Night

All of you who crawl and creep,
Who buzz and chirp and hoot and peep,
Who wake at dusk and throw off sleep:
Welcome to the night.

To you who make the forest sing
Who dip and dodge on silent wing,
Who flutter, hover, clasp and cling:
Welcome to the night.

Come feel the cool and shadowed breeze,
Come smell your way among the trees,
Come touch rough bark and leathered leaves:
Welcome to the night.

The night’s a sea of dappled dark,
The night’s a feast of sound and spark,
The night’s a wild, enchanted park:
Welcome to the night!

From page 6


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6 responses to “Poetry: Read More Blog More – Poetry for Children

  1. It looks like a wonderful book!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I tend to love poetry for children (I “get” it more), and these both look good.

  3. Olduvai

    Thank you for sharing that lovely poem. After reading your post I checked out my library’s online catalogue and requested the book!

  4. Oh lovely, my daughter loves animals, and they are both learning about how words rhyme and pattern – I’ve added the Dark Emporer to my books to buy list! thanks for writing about poetry for kids too, we don’t often discuss it here in the blog world, do we?

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