Sunday Salon – It’s Been Awhile

Good Sunday to you.  It feels like months since I’ve written a Sunday Salon post.  Things have been chaotic around here.  Lots of nasty germs at school so I would find myself fighting off illness on the weekends, with enough energy to go to my exercise class, tidy the house a bit and spent some time reading.

And  my elementary class has been getting ready for the  annual camping trip, which means they do all the planning, with a great deal of support from adults.  This means making sure all the logistics are covered, all the food is purchased and we have enough sun screen, just in case the sun decides to make an appearance.  The trip is great fun, but often has us adults waking up in the middle of the night sure that something has been forgotten.

I’ve also been getting ready for the summer Beach Naturalist program, organized and run by the Seattle Aquarium.  We had our final training day today.  Glorious weather,  lots of new naturalists and some wonderful animals.  This weekend’s amazing full moon helps give us really good low tides through the middle of the week.

And I have been reading, honest.  The problem is I’m having a hard time sitting down at the computer and writing about what I’m reading!  Hopefully this dry spell will be over by the time I finish this and this.

I am also still taking part in the group read of Midnight’s Children, have more books to read for Once Upon A Time and plan to join in on Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week in June.

So, what are you reading this week?  Have you made any summer reading plans?


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8 responses to “Sunday Salon – It’s Been Awhile

  1. I’m doing so badly with reviews! I plan them when I’m away from the computer, so when it comes time to write them, I don’t feel excited – silly me. I usually really like what I read.

    It sounds fascinating, being on the summer beach naturalist program! I’d love that. I miss the beach so much, and the ocean.

    Summer reading plans – some Victorian reading, and to read more books :-) that’s it,because I know I will be busy in the garden too.

  2. JoV

    I hope you feel better now. We have been fighting germs as well, if it’s not me it’s my boys, every weekend someone is sick at home. it’s great that you finally get to write Sunday Salon!

  3. Ti

    I am having a hard time getting my reviews written as well. The reading is not the problem!

  4. Wow … I’m totally impressed that you would take a group of elementary schoolkids camping. That kind of undertaking seems amazing to me.

  5. buriedinprint

    Some times are just more about reading than book-chatting: I know what you mean.

    This week, I’m finally getting back to Kristin Lavransdatter. I wholly enjoyed the first novel in the series, but I got stalled (mainly due to due-dates) in the second, so I’ve re-read the bit of it that I had read and am nicely under way once more. Not that I’m planning to finish this week, just to get back to reading it regularly, as regularly as one can read a book that’s more than 1,000 pages.

    And, no, I haven’t made any firm summer reading plans, but the thought has crossed my mind on occasion. Last summer I re-read a lot of children’s classics, filled in the gaps in some favourite series, and I’m thinking about doing this again, but I haven’t settled on anything for sure. Are you already making plans?

  6. You took a group of elementary students camping?? You are awesome :)

    • We took 42 students of mixed ages to a Camp Fire camp on Vashon Island, not really roughing it but lots of fun. Several of us came back with nasty colds and I’m still stuffy and sneezing!

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