Summer Solstice 2012

It is the longest day in the northern hemisphere.  The last three months have gone by in a blur and I haven’t spent much time reading and leaving comments on my favorite blogs or writing reviews.  Mr G and I are heading for the coast and plan on spending a week walking the beach, reading and relaxing.  Maybe that will get my head back to a place where I can spend a bit more time on-line.

As for my reading, for the last month I have been focusing on mysteries and science fiction, as well as books for the Once Upon A Time VI challenge.  I did manage to complete most of Quest the Third, with the exception of reading or watching A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I hope to take that with me to the beach.  I have also been part of the wonderful Midnight’s Children read-along which finishes up at the end of this month.

I was going to make myself a summer reading plan but have decided to leave my reading open to whim and whatever shows up at the library.  Please forgive my lack of commenting but know I am trying to catch up on reading your blogs.

Happy Solstice!!


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7 responses to “Summer Solstice 2012

  1. Like you, I like to read on a whim. Can’t make any plans except the book challenges and read-along. After finishing Midnight’s Children, I’ll be heading to the Paris in July event… posting anything about France. I’m excited already. First things first, I look forward to our MC Finale discussions! ;)

  2. My birthday is June 21, and I’ve always been very proud of that date. I feel special, like an extra blessing was bestowed upon me. I am having a tough time being motivated to do anything bloggish, and my reading is slow as slow can be. I’ve decided I’m not worrying about it. My new mantra = relax! (Ha)

  3. I, too, find the beach so refreshing. Enjoy your time and I hope the weather will be good for you.

  4. Hope you enjoy your short break and make the absolute most of it :) It sounds lovely!!

  5. Enjoy your break (I will be taking multiple breaks during the summer) and I love that you are reading on a whim! That is the way to go!

  6. we had no sun for solstice this year hopefully get some soon ,all the best stu

  7. Have a wonderful break! Sometimes you just need one…. I know I haven’t been blogging or visiting blogs much lately either — have to be in the right ‘space’ and sometimes one just isn’t there!

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