What I’ve Been Reading . . .

I’m having trouble writing about all the books I’ve been reading but I thought I’d offer up brief descriptions of some of them.  All of these books were borrowed from my local library system. If you have read and written your thoughts about any of them please leave a comment and I will gladly add links to your reviews.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt.

I’ve heard interesting things about this novel for years.  A murder takes place at an upscale New England liberal arts college. A privileged group of students in an exclusive Greek class.  Money, alcohol,drugs, sex and an ancient mythic religion.  I found it intense and well written. I  enjoyed reading it.

Review at JoV’s Book Pyramid


On Canaan’s Side by Sebastian Barry.

On the 2011 Booker Prize long list.  A beautifully written story of an Irish women’s immigration to the United States.  The loves of a lifetime,  a tale of class and race in twentieth century America.  It often had me in tears.

Doc by Mary Doria Russell.

This one will probably be in my top ten list for 2012.  Russell used many resources in creating her novel about the early life of  Dr. John Henry Holliday and the beginnings of his relationship with Wyatt Earp before the infamous shoot out at OK Corral.  Clear, effortless writing and the best portrayal of someone suffering from a chronic and often terminal illness I’ve ever read.

A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash.

I read about this one on several of my favorite blogs.  A first novel told in three distinct voices, it is the story of a place and its people, and a tragedy caused by customs, secrets and a certain kind of faith.  The voice of nine-year-old Jess rang true for me.



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16 responses to “What I’ve Been Reading . . .

  1. JoV

    I love Secret History. I read a long while ago but it is still memorable. Hard to find time to write review myself. Happy summer!

  2. You made On Canaan’s Side and Doc sound irresistible!

  3. I think mini-reviews are a great low-pressure way to share what you’ve been reading. Now I’m even more curious about the Wiley Cash book. Gavin, have a great week.

  4. I want to read Doc and On Canaan’s Side now!!! I wish I could write one paragraph reviews like this! I really want to read Doc….so they both are going on my to-look for list.

  5. Ti

    I love mini reviews. Doc is brand new to me but sounds wonderful! I have Secret History and started it once but got sidetracked by my other reading.

  6. A Secret History was good and I am looking forward to A Land More Kind Than Home. I haven’t had much luck with Russell (although I did like The Sparrow) so I am hesitant to try her again.

    • I liked The Sparrow, Children of God not so much. I picked up Doc because the idea of a women writing about those people and that time period really intrigued me.

  7. I read The Secret History so long ago … I think a reread might be in order. And I’ve heard good things about the Cash book too.

  8. some great books Gav ,all the best stu

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