A Birthday Surprise!

This came in the mail.  It was a surprise.  I have already loaded 4 Ebooks from my local library, including The Haunting of Hill House and So Long, Been Dreaming for R.I.P.  Plus, with Readability, I can send all those long articles I kept meaning to read online right to this little shiny and read them anywhere!



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20 responses to “A Birthday Surprise!

  1. Congratulations and may you be very happy together. :-D
    And happy birthday!

  2. Lu

    Happiest birthday to you, Gavin!

  3. JoV

    Happy birthday and may you have many fun times with the kindle, I’m going out to buy the new kindle now! (seriously).

    p/s: we are perhaps the few people who are late in adopting this technology.

    • I kept putting off getting an e-reader. Then I looked at one a friend owns and saw how convenient a Kindle could be, not that I’ll ever give up books. I didn’t want the Fire because I’m distracted by the internet enough as it is. At least I can walk away from my computer!

  4. Aw yay! Happy birthday! And congratulations on having a new e-reader. I love my Nook tremendously; it has made my life on the subway infinity times better.

  5. Happy birthday, Gavin! I like the Shirley Jackson book you selected, too :-) very good for RIP! enjoy, and have fun with your new book toy :-)

    • Thanks, Susan. I am amazed at the Jackson book. I’d never read it, only seen the movie ages and ages ago (on TV, one of those “Million Dollar Movies”).

  6. Well, I don’t think I need to wish you a happy birthday cause I know it is very happy since you got your Kindle!! Woo hoo! You will love it! And I will wish you a happy birthday anyway because I’m nice like that.

  7. Nice present! Happy belated birthday!

  8. Now that’s a great gift. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these reading toys, too.

  9. Ti

    Happy Birthday!! Kindles make fabulous gifts! I love mine and it’s probably one of the most used gifts I’ve ever received, besides my iPod.

  10. Happy Birthday! I love my kindle and the fact that not only can I download books from the library, but I can also share books with my daughter and my mother! Enjoy!

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