We went to the movies yesterday evening.  We saw  Looper.  It is a noirish, sci-fi, time travel movie, with violence and lots of action.  It is also, like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside.    My recommendation?  Go see it.


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8 responses to “Looper

  1. Lu

    I am going to see this in about an hour! So excited :D

  2. Yeah, EW was going nuts over this movie. I’m going to have to look at why it is rated R. My kids can deal with violence but I can’t permit much sex to get through. Particularly I think my son would love this one.

  3. Everyone is blogging about this movie this week! And I haven’t even heard of it. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s anything the other half would want to watch.

  4. Yay, goody. I’m only medium into this movie, but some friends at work are extremely into it so I think I will end up seeing it. Good to know it’s worth seeing!

  5. I saw it too and said the same thing — go and see it now! I agree that it is bigger on the inside that you think. There is a big heart to this film that grounds it and makes it excellent. I want to see it again.

    • I am suggesting to lots of folks who are not into sci-fi that they go see Looper. I think it is a story that breaks genre boundaries.

  6. I saw this at the weekend and really enjoyed it. I did have some issues with the whole time-travel aspect and consequences thereof, but still a very enjoyable solid film.

  7. I’m certainly hoping to but time has not been in my favor. Which is okay, I’ve been enjoying working on our house and hanging out at home, but I’d still like to get out and see this one.

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