Scare Us…

I just read a wonderful post on Neil Gaiman’s blog about a scary story he has recorded on Audible for All Hallow’s Read.  The story is free but if you download it they will donate $1.00 to charity.

The free download runs through Halloween.  The donations run through Halloween. Go here  if you are in the US, here if you are in the UK.  Download it, listen,  but make sure the lights are on….


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4 responses to “Scare Us…

  1. Ti

    I created an acct and downloaded it, but can’t for the life get it to play. Well, at least they get the donation.

    • Ti, I had to fuss with it and finally opened the Audible player on my computer to get it to play. It is a creepy story. I hope you get to hear it:)

  2. Oh yay! Thanks for letting me know about this!!

  3. I’m listening to Gaiman narrate his own The Graveyard Book and he has a most excellent voice for scary stories I think!

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