Sanctuary Line by Jane Urquhart

Sanctuary Line by Jane Urquhart

McClelland & Stewart Ltd., Toronto, On, 2010

From my to-be-read pile.  Long-listed for the 2010 Giller Prize.

I first discovered Jane Urquhart by accident when I picked up “Away” off my library shelves.  I have followed her work ever since.

Sanctuary Line is the story of an Ontario farming family with roots in Ireland.  Liz Crane has returned to the family farm, works measuring the wings of Monarch Butterflies and regularly visits her mother at a place called The Golden Field and finds memories rising every time she picks up an object or looks out a window.

Haunted by the death of her cousin Mandy, Liz finds herself tangled in the stories of her large and varied family.  Drawn to the past, sifting through memories, she slowly discovers a truth that has been hidden for years.

Urquhart is an author whose characters are firmly rooted in the past.   Her novels delve into family histories, family secrets and what brings the past into the present.


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6 responses to “Sanctuary Line by Jane Urquhart

  1. I got sidetracked thinking about having a job where you measure butterfly wings!

  2. Jane Urquhart’s Away is one of the five books in contention for the “Canada Reads” 2013 event going on right now. Away is probably the most popular of hers. But now, this Monarch butterfly one sounds even more interesting. Thanks for your review!

  3. I had never heard of this author before, but I read this right before going to the library this morning and decide to get something by her! They didn’t have Sanctuary Line so I ended up with The Stone Cutters (they also had Away, but the first page of The Stone Cutters grabbed me more).

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