Playing Catch-Up, Again


I spent most of January reading lots of Science Fiction for the SciFi Experience, but have been loath to write review posts.  Instead of forcing myself I thoughts I’d give brief descriptions of some of my favorites.

willisTo Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis.  A wonderful time-travel romp jumping between the mid-Twenty-First century, the 1940’s and 1888 or so.   It is sweet and funny and a deeply intelligent book, the questions of time-travel’s possible impact on history had me reeling.  I’ve been meaning to read Connie Willis for a while and, having finally done so, am on a mad search for used copies of Blackout and All-Clear.

clarkeChildhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke.  A Classic.  Aliens mysteriously appear, connect with representatives of the United Nations and help bring humans beyond war and into a Golden Age.  I read this one many years ago and it stands up pretty well.  I had forgotten the ending, found it surprisingly moving.

Still Forms on Foxfield by Joan Slonczewski.  I have a dear friend who has been part of Clarion West and Wiscon for a number of years.  When I though to ask him what science fistion book I should read he suggested this one.  I had never heard of Slonczewski before, and was thrilled to find a new-to-me women author of science fiction.

A colony of Friends, after escaping from warring earth, has landed on a planet they call Foxfield.  Already inhabited by a life-form the humans call Commensals, there is a period of adjustment as the two species learn to live together.  Their hard but peaceful co-existence is threatened by the arrival of a ship from earth piloted by representatives of UNI, the world government.  Should the colonists rejoin their earthly cousins?  Will their faith and way of life be threatened?

I enjoyed this book and found the author using her story to explore society and culture much the way Ursula LeGuin does in her science fiction novels.sloncz  Slonczewski wrote several other novels including The Children Star and Daughter of Elysium.  They are on my used book search list.

All of these books came from my TBR pile so I have managed to stick to the TBR Double Dog Dare as well as join in the 2013 Science Fiction Experience.


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9 responses to “Playing Catch-Up, Again

  1. Childhood’s End is definitely on my ‘keep an eye our for’ list. I’ve never read it and would like to after reading Rendezvous with Rama by Clarke last month. It was so good.

    • I would love to read Rendezvous With Rama again, as well as others by Robert Silverberg, Roger Zelany and other authors I first discovered years ago.

  2. sounds like a great month and some interesting sci fi books and great cover art for them ,all the best stu

  3. I quite enjoyed the sci fi reading this month and reading other reviews. You sound like you had a good reading experience and I like the sound of To Say Nothing of the Dog.
    Lynn :D

  4. I read Blackout and All Clear and hope to read The Doomsday Book at some point this year.

  5. I love To Say Nothing of the Dog! I’ve read all the others as well, and really need to reread all of them…though Doomsday Book was perhaps my least favourite, as the darkest of them all. Have you also read Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome?

  6. Well done! I’ve got Doomsday Book on my shelf and am itching to read it!

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