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Whitewashing and Racism

There are many brilliant people out there who have written about the discrepancy between stories, characters and the covers of books.  If you are at all interested please visit Susan, Ari, Vasilly and Colleen for a rundown of the  latest event with Bloombury.  There are demands for responses from publishers, calls for a boycott and  for people to wake up, take a look around and admit that we are not as “color blind” as we would like to believe we are.

I always feel clumsy and stupid chiming in on this type of discussion. I come from privilege. I am a white women, I grew up in a middle class home,  I have had the advantages of privilege all my life.  Because of this I have made some choices about how to live my life and I am happy with them.  I am tired of people saying all kinds of things, coming up with all kinds of excuses and dancing around their own complacency and complicity.

Want to do something?  Read books by and about People of Color. Review them.  Get the word out.


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Sunday Salon – Just One Year Ago

jessie-wilcox-smith-books-in-winterThis is a special Sunday Salon post.  I can hardly believe that just one year ago today I wrote my first stumbling, bumbling blog entry.  My first review followed three days later.  I have learned and grown so much as a reader and reviewer over the past year, have taken part in wonderful events and completed some interesting challenges.  I have enjoyed every moment.

There are bloggers out there I have to thank for many reasons, but mostly for making me feel so welcome, for offering kind comments and suggestions and for sharing wonderful books.  My heartfelt thanks go out to  Care, Claire, Eva, Frances, Kerrie, Nymeth Richard Sandy, softdrink, Vassily, Wendy,  and another Wendy.

To all of you out there in the book blogging community thank you for hosting events, organizing challenges and offering give-aways.  I applaud every single one of you!



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Blogger Bingo!

bingo5389606 Terri  at BrownGirl BookSpeak gave me the letter N for neighborly in the BINGO Blog award!  How lovely.  What she doesn’t know is that I am a complete grump before my first cup of coffee.  Ask my husband, and the dog…

What is the BINGO award?

Blog awards are a wonderful way to show your appreciation and help support this diverse and growing community. Now I’m passing this one on to some of my favorite bloggers.

B- Jeane at DogEar Diary – She makes beautiful bookmarks and I love her choice of books.

I- Wordlily – Wonderful lists of words and their definitions.

N-Sandy at You’ve Gotta Read This – Sandy leaves great comments and helps new bloggers feel welcome.

G-Tanabata at In Spring it is the Dawn – Just look at this site.

O- Nymeth at things mean a lot – Outstanding in every way.

Please make sure and visit these wonderful blogs!

ing family. So what is BINGO?


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Book Blogger Appreciation Week


Please join your fellow Book Bloggers as we celebrate

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

September 14-18, 2009.

Last year Amy Riley, at My Friend Amy, started BBAW to show appreciation for all those people who blog about books. Why do we spend our time and energy creating our sites?  Because we love books and because we believe literacy is an important key to understanding.   Books open up the world around us and increase our awareness of others, both near and far.  Books expand our knowledge of history, science and our natural surroundings.  Books entertain, entice and intrigue.

I am a relatively new blogger and this fantastic community has made me feel welcome over the past 9 months.  Now is the time for all of us to show our gratitude for the effort and hard work our fellow bloggers put into their blogs, whether they post several times a day or just once in a while.  Please visit the BBAW Blog site to find out how to join, and make sure you sign up for the three BBAW feeds.


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