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Joss Whedon on Romney

For all the Buffy, Firefly and Avenger fans out there.  I don’t usually get all political on this blog but I just couldn’t pass this one up.


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Pursuit of Light

The newest video from NASA.  Watch it in fullscreen.  I wish our government would increase NASA’s funding instead of cutting it.  By the way, there is a “super” full moon on May 5th.  Go out and look at it if you get a chance.


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With Tears..

I don’t talk politics or social issues on this blog.  I keep it safe.  I can no longer keep walking that thin line.  My heart won’t stand for it.  This is The Boss, live in Tampa, Florida, on 3/23/2012,  27 days after the murder of Trayvon Martin.  Peace to you.


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Neil Gaiman – One of my Heros


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NaPoWriMo #6


In honor of National Poetry Month readwritepoem offers daily prompts to inspire.  View the latest prompt here.

Today’s prompt is a lovely image.   As I was contemplating it someone sent me this.

I couldn’t help myself, but it was a struggle to put words together.  I can not really describe how this made me feel except that I can’t stop smiling.

Waves of white

Bright red

Blue yellow

Waves of white

The bodies

The faces

That grin

Such joy


You can find more of Rocketboom here.


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