IYOB Challenge – Completed

Organized by Sylvia at Classical Bookworm.

Bonanza Level – At least one of each:

Biomes: 3 books about major world ecosystems: open ocean; coral reefs; lakes and rivers; arctic tundra; boreal forests; temperate forests; tropical forests; savannah; grassland/steppe/ deserts.

Branches: 3 books on different life forms: plants; fungi; invertebrates (including insects); reptiles and amphibians; birds; mammals.

The Tree by Colin Tudge – 3/1/2010

Bye-bye: 2 books about endangered or extinct species or about extinction or conservation.

The Grail Bird: Hot On The Trail Of The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker – Tim Gallagher – 8/14/2010

The Tiger – John Vaillant – 12/02/10

Back yard: Buy 2 or more field guides to your local flora & fauna and get to know your neighbours.

Northwest Trees: Identifying and Understanding the Region’s Native Trees by Stephen Arno – Purchased 2/27/2010

Biodiversity Bonanza: One of each of the above!


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