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Reading and Blogging

kids-readingI’ve found myself far from the computer lately, having to reevaluate my reading and my blogging.

I’ve been reading, mostly non-fiction, some science fiction for a couple of challenges, and some older titles off my TBR stacks.  What I’m finding is I don’t seem to have a lot to say about these books right now.  Maybe my brain is tired, stress at work, stress in life, who knows?

What I’ve decided is that I will not worry about writing reviews of books for a while.  If I am inspired by something then I will certainly voice that here and I hope you will continue to stop by and leave comments if you feel like it.  And I will continue to visit your lovely blogs whenever I can.


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Sunday Salon – Just One Year Ago

jessie-wilcox-smith-books-in-winterThis is a special Sunday Salon post.  I can hardly believe that just one year ago today I wrote my first stumbling, bumbling blog entry.  My first review followed three days later.  I have learned and grown so much as a reader and reviewer over the past year, have taken part in wonderful events and completed some interesting challenges.  I have enjoyed every moment.

There are bloggers out there I have to thank for many reasons, but mostly for making me feel so welcome, for offering kind comments and suggestions and for sharing wonderful books.  My heartfelt thanks go out to  Care, Claire, Eva, Frances, Kerrie, Nymeth Richard Sandy, softdrink, Vassily, Wendy,  and another Wendy.

To all of you out there in the book blogging community thank you for hosting events, organizing challenges and offering give-aways.  I applaud every single one of you!



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Bloggiesta Ole! Pedro is very cute!

Plan, Edit, Develop, Review, Organize!

I haven’t created a to-do list but I have a plan.  I want to write a couple of reviews, clean up my links, update my pages and check up on challenges.

I started at 9am by writing a review and answering many comments.

Am now working on this fabulous mini-challenge, cleaning up Google reader.

I find I’m getting distracted by mini-challenges.  Back to cleaning up my links!

Cleaned up links and drafts I’m never going to finish.  I completed a couple of mini-challenges, here and here, and now I’m taking a break.

Back since 4:00, cleaned up some challenge pages, wrote a short review and am adding tags to old posts.  It 5:30 and I’m stopping to fix dinner.

It’s Saturday and we have many things to do and a fund-raising auction to attend th is evening, not much time to work on my blog  Good luck to all!

(This post is sticky!)


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An Upcoming Event – Bloggiesta!


Natasha at Maw Books has a great event starting on June 19th, Bloggiesta! A time to do all that catching up and cleaning up.  Visit her site to find out all the lovely details.

Because of a prior commitment on Saturday I will not be able to spend to whole time working on page247.  I do intend to spend as many hours over the two days as possible cleaning up links, cleaning up prior post by checking tags and category headings, checking up on my challenges and maybe even posting a review or two.  Why don’t you join in?

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Sunday Salon

tssbadge3Find out about Sunday Salon here.

I spent lots of time yesterday visiting the readers for Dewey’s Read-a-thon.  Many thanks to the deweys-readathonbuttonwonderful organizers Nymeth, Hannah, and Trish.  This is an amazing group of dedicated folks reading and blogging for charity or just for the fun of it.  Tried to visit every one, probably failed.  I may have to join the readers next time around.

Something strange has happened to my blog and until  WordPress responds I am unable to post images or add blog links to my site.  This has got me a bit flustered as I don’t know what I did wrong.

I heard from WordPress  and things are fine now.  I did nothing wrong, it was a glitch on the site and the person responding apologized. What fascinates me is how quickly I’ve become really attached to posting and to the blogging community.  Had no idea this would happen but I guess this creative outlet is a big part of my life now.  I will  be out of town for three days starting Wednesday, will not have internet access  and will not be able to post.  I wonder how prolific I will be when I get back.

2908425234_55d973018e_oI’ve been writing and posting poems using the wonderful prompts from ReadWritePoem.  I had no idea I would be brave enough to post my creative writing to the web but it is great fun and the people connected with this site are very supportive.

I am reading through the Fables series by Bill Willingham and loving it.   I also found a great book at the library called Show and Tell: Exploring the Fine Art of Children’s Book Illustration all about the early lives of illustrators and how they discovered their art. 081184971601_sx140_sy225_sclzzzzzzz_

I am half way through Someone Knows My Name and have started The Forever War.  Both of these books are intense in very different ways.  I will review them when I’ve finished reading them and have had time to assimilate all they hold. Happy Sundayto all and have a wonderful week!


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