C&X20150308_153906_resizedReading, Writing, Life.  I work with small groups and individual students, helping them build skills for reading and writing.  I love reading, always have.  It runs in the family.  My grandmother started the first library in my home town.  Throughout the summer and fall I am a volunteer Beach and Salmon naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium. I spend time on local beaches talking about all the amazing animals that live in and around Puget Sound.

I live with my cats, Cassie and Xena.  They pretty much run my life.

Contact me through email: gvngrn at earthlink dot net

4 responses to “About

  1. Hi! Would you shoot me an email? I wanted to touch bases with you about cheerleading for the read-a-thon. Thanks!


  2. I’m an elementary school teacher, too, beginning my twenty sixth year this fall. It’s so nice to meet you, fellow teacher and bibliophile!

  3. Thank you, Bellezza!

  4. Kudos! When you give the gift of poetry and books to children, you give them a gift that renews it self throughout their lives.

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