Sunday Salon – Downpour!

Good Sunday to you!  The camping trip was a success, we even had fair weather.  All the children had a wonderful time and the chaperones enjoyed themselves.  It is great fun but simply exhausting,  working sixty hours straight.

Yesterday the weather was just beautiful, I got some compost added to the upper tier of the garden and found two large pots for my tomato plants.  I almost put them out on the deck but am glad I waited.  Last night, around 8ish, it started to rain, and it hasn’t stopped.  This is like the rain we have in winter, and it seems it will continue for days.

Reading has been slow for me the last couple of weeks because of all the craziness at school.  I did finish A Rift in Time and Lauren Beukes’s  Arthur C. Clarke award winning Zoo City.

Taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa,  this novel is a wild ride, poverty is rife,  criminals are “animaled” with creatures that are shadowy mirrors of the daemons in Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy and Beukes makes wonderful use of the abandoned buildings in Joburg’s  Hillbrow district.  I first learned about Ponte City from photographs taken by Mikhael Subotzky and published in Granta.

On Friday I visited the library and brought home several books I have been wanting to read.   Today I plan to get some laundry done, make a large pot of tea and start reading Great House.  What are your plans for the day.  Have you read any wonderful books of late?  Should I add them to my TBR list?


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6 responses to “Sunday Salon – Downpour!

  1. My daughter read Great House on our vacation and really liked it. I thought The Report was great, and the bio of Richard Yates I’m reading is fantastic, too. Hope to finish it today.

  2. I had plans to read and blog this morning, but a two hour nap seems to have put me a bit behind schedule. :-D Looking forward to your thoughts on Great House…I wasn’t much of a fan of that one.

    • I see that there are very mixed reactions to Great House, and having gotten half way through, I am feeling mixed about it as well.

  3. I’ve heard so many mixed things about Great House. I think you love it or hate it, and I haven’t decided which side I would most likely fall on. But the idea of curling up with it on a rainy day sounds fabulous!

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