Sunday Salon…Wonderous

A good Sunday to you!  Every once in a while someone sends me a link to something that fills me with wonder.  This short video certainly did.

The last couple of months had me going through a reading slump but I am finally over it.  I am finding that I’m not interested in writing about every book I finish so my blog posts have slowed down a bit.   From what I can tell I will finish my reading goal for the year and that makes me happy.

Right now I am reading Once Upon A River by Bobbie Jo Campbell and enjoying it.  What are you reading today?


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10 responses to “Sunday Salon…Wonderous

  1. I wish I could slow down a little. I hate how I always read too fast. I just can’t seem to help myself.

    • I sometimes feel rushed in my reading. That has made me reevaluate how I choose books, particularly if I have lots out from the library!

  2. That was an awesome video!

    I definitely understand the feeling about not wanting to review everything you read! My personal policy about that is if I don’t have anything to say about a book, I don’t write about it. I just finished Wonderstruck by Brain Selnick, so now I’m reading In This Light by Melanie Rae Thon.

    Have a great week, Gavin!

  3. It is sometimes hard to find the muse to write about every book. I do it, but some reviews come out better than others. I downloaded Once Upon a River on my Kindle right when it came out. Please convince me to read it!

  4. Oh that is wonder+ful indeed. Thanks! More often than not, I do find I have something to say about the books I’m reading, so when I scan my list for the year, the ones that I’m silent about really make me wonder what relegated them to that status in my reader’s mind.

  5. Ti

    I usually have something to say about everything I read (good or bad) but I promised myself long ago that if I didn’t feel like writing about it, then I wouldn’t.

    That video was pretty cool.

    What am I reading? I am still reading 1Q84. It’s an experience for sure and I am making it last for as long as I can. I am also reading Lamb and The Art of Fielding.

  6. Wow! love the murmuration. Great word, too.

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