Sunday Salon – Announcing A Monthly Poetry Event

Good Sunday to you. I hope you all had a wonderful week.  I finished my first books of 2012, posted one review and have another on the way.  I have some exciting news I wanted to pass along.

As 2011 drew to a close and 2012 opened before me I made a promise to myself to read poetry and blog about poetry.  Several bloggers had written about the same intention and now Kelly and Lu have opened up a world of possibilities.  A monthly Poetry Meme they hope will get bloggers writing about and maybe even reading more poetry.  The idea is to have people post about poetry on the last Tuesday of the month.  If you are curious or want to sign up visit Lu’s post for more information.

Here are the dates for the Poetry Event:

Poetry: Read More/Blog More – A Monthly Event!

January 30th
February 28th
March 27th
April 23rd
May 29th
June 26th
July 31st
August 28th
September 25th
October 30th
November 27th
December 18th


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16 responses to “Sunday Salon – Announcing A Monthly Poetry Event

  1. I’m so glad you all are doing this. I think it will be fun to bring some attention to poetry. I’m not signing up to join in myself yet, largely because I suspect I’ll forget to write the posts until I see them cropping up on your blogs, but I may join in one in a while. I’ve been meaning to read some Rimbaud.

    • It would be great if you joined in, James. I have no idea how to write about the poetry I read so this will be interesting..

  2. oh I look forward to your choices Gavin I read very little poetry ,Always saying I need to read more maybe this be helpful in making me do that ,all the best stu

  3. Oh, thanks for the mention! I hope lots of people will join in. :)

  4. Oh I like this! Once a month is doable, and I used to do a regular poetry post that ended so I might just do this! Thanks!

  5. Lu

    I’m so glad you’re joining us, Gavin! :)

  6. I’d also love to read more poetry. Once a month is certainly doable.
    Saw your comment on my blog. Glad you’ll be joining the Midnight’s Children group read.

    • I’m excited about the group read as I have been meaning to get back to Midnight’s Children for years. Glad you are going to join in the poetry event!

  7. Alas, I’m one of those Neanderthals shying away from poetry so I’ll skip. Good for you though!

  8. I’m grateful that Lu is doing this. I think its wonderful….I’ll be participating in addition to the 2012 poetry challenge, which I expanded beyond just reading too.

    • Thanks for your comment! I am hoping that this “meme” will keep me reading poetry throughout the year, instead of just once in a while.

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