Sunday Salon – The TBR Double Dare

Happy April Fool’s.  It has been some time since I wrote a Sunday Salon post but I wanted to write today to thank James at Ready When You Are, C.B.  for organizing The TBR Double Dare.

Not counting a couple of picture books I read for the monthly poetry post, I managed to stick to the Dare from January through March.  According to my count I read 25 books, 15 from my TBR pile and 10 from my library hold list.  I also started a TBR book for a four month read-along, abandoned two books from my TBR pile and started a book that I sat down after realizing I had to reread this first.  I culled another ten books from my TBR shelf, knowing I would never actually read them.  Not bad for three months.  My intention is to keep reading books from my TBR shelves, along with library books.  That said I know there are three books that will arrive here mid- April via the Book Depository.  Damn those British publishers…

It’s spring and that mean it’s time for Once Upon A Time.  I love this challenge and have already finished one book and started two others, though I seem to be unable to sit at the computer and write my thoughts on what I’ve read.  Could it be the sun?  Or is it the fact that I can’t put down one book long enough to gather my thoughts before picking up the other?  Happy reading!


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4 responses to “Sunday Salon – The TBR Double Dare

  1. cbjamess

    You are very welcome. I’m glad you had so much success with it. :-)

  2. I did pretty good with the TBR Double Dare too — cleared off two feet of shelf space. I also found four books that I really don’t want to read and cleared them off the shelves too. Now to fill that empty space up!

  3. thats good going Gavin ,I wish I could go with out buying ,all the best stu

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